Weird coach BUG which allows you to cheat.

There is a topic I would like to bring up. I have never seen anyone talking about it before.

There is a bug that allows coach see above the map and tell info to the players. I’m not really sure how does it really work, but some peoples might do know that. I think it’s really important especially now – when all important events are played online.

Sometimes when you join coach and go back to windows, then If I’m not wrong admin has to restart the round – you fly over the map (check screenshots - ). It doesn’t change even after team swap, it only goes back to normal when you reload the map, retry, or when you join your team again and go back to coach.

It’s really powerful, especially when you can tell all important info to your teammates.

Did anyone seen that before?

I had that thing today in match vs North on train, I had that on some praccs aswell. Of course I didn’t use it, you can check on stream that I joined my team and went back to coach. But I could use that and no one could prove me doing it.

Someone should definitely check that thing, pretty OP shit if you ask me.

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