Sunflower seekers are causing issues in some areas of Adco

This time of year, some Adams County farmers have beautiful sunflower fields. These rolling fields of yellow and green, are inviting to photographers, families, and those seeking some quiet time away from the city. Unfortunately, the seemingly harmless act of visiting these fields, is extremely detrimental to the farming community and to residents of those areas.

We have received countless complaints from area farmers and residents, who have complained about their destroyed sunflower crops, drivers committing numerous traffic violations, and littering in the area. We have received reports of people driving through sunflower crops as well as walking through sunflower fields. Farmers rely on crops, such as sunflowers, to earn a living and to supply local bees an area to pollinate.

We would like to remind everyone that these fields are private property. It is a crime to go onto other people’s property, even if there are no signs prohibiting trespassing. Criminal trespass carries a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $750 fine. And although our county roads are not heavily traveled, all traffic laws still apply.

Be responsible when taking photos, obey all traffic laws, and pick up after yourselves. Do your part by respecting and preserving the beauty of rural Adams County.

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