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3rd Aug 2020 from TwitLonger

Summer Split, 2020: 1st Division Prime League

Good evening players, coaches, teams,

I am not really sure whether it is still common to do a review of the past split, but since this was probably my last split, which I was involved in as much as I was, I would like to give a short statement to some things that may have occured.

First of all I would like to thank all the players and teams I worked with over the last split for the patience with me since I kind of overdid it with helping/beeing involved in too many teams at once.

Argueable I was more or less coaching/managing/handling/beeing involved in some way with 3 teams at a time (the last super week was pure horror doing multiple drafts back to back). All parties involved gave me a lot of freedom and patience while not beeing able to really help out any team as much as I had wanted to.

As mentioned in my post a few days back, Turtle was my first team for that split when I returned out of retirement. I wont talk a lot about these guys, they all know i love them to death, but they all know I have their backs and whenever they need me I will help them out. Beautiful humans even tho most of them are unknown rookies, be sure to try them out they were the most chill group I ever interacted with.

Now to the "interesting" part of when I joined Flayn.

So I wont leak any internas by any means just saying through my old friend Snorlax who was pestering me about joining Flayn after several weeks I tryouted with the team and got the approvals neccessary by owner and the team.
Since these guys had a lot of potential and everything with Team 1 went smooth i thought of beeing able to handle it despite the workload next to my irl job.

At first everything went smooth and I was pleased with the first scrims even though it was rough at times because of some communicative issues which are normal in any team environment.
Anyway sadly right after week 1 I had to join up for a family holiday trip and wasnt really able to be there at all - luckily Fuat decided to help out and join the team on short notice and did a good job beeing there for the players and helping the team.

When I got the back Fuat and the team build up a good relationship and since Fuat managed fine by himself I went back to caring about turtle since they needed the help badly at that point.

Anyway so far so good, then a player from "team 3" asked where I had some time to sometimes help them with drafts and a practice direction, since Flayn was fine, Turtle was under control, I decided to help them out as well. Just by having a clearer idea of what and how to play, what to draft, they improved quick and won several games. I joined them far less than the other teams, I truly wished I had more time, sadly I really didnt. We nearly turned it around getting out of relegation danger but me fucking up really bad at the end put them into a bad spot.
Still as a team they improved and have a better communication now and structure and I am sure they will manage to hold their division.

Overall I did a decent job draftwise and managing players mentals but honestly I could have done way more if I just refused some teams and focussed on one. On that notice I apologize towards all the players and teams who deserved more from me than I was able to give. All great humans and I truly hope all of them will succeed in what they are aspiring.

Conclusion for me: It was an interesting experience once again to join this scene due to the corona situation but as I said the last time when I retired: This way of life is most of the time not worth the stress and the effort, even tho matchdays are always a true joy.
I will be leaving the scene again for the most part only doing some work for Flayn and Turtle but not nearly as much as before.

If you were interested thanks for reading my two cents about my personal insights regarding this split. It was fun but it is not the life I want so.. Good luck towards everyone I had the honor to get to know, I will always have an open ear for anyone and any topic. I just cant do the whole thing anymore. If there is a need for individual coaching, roster stuff and for any Irl problems anyone might have I will still up for it of course as I will have more time on my hands from now on again until the world is fully recovered.

Hope you guys are all well and see you maybe at any upcoming offlines!

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