Engin Kor · @ngiNvlr

3rd Aug 2020 from TwitLonger


‪After 4 years in fpl im getting kicked. reason for that was performance , activity and team ranking. In the last month where i placed top 9, playing all the bad spots, trying to support my mates and play like a team and giving the good spots to the star players and youngsters that is the result.

So i just don’t prefere rushing somewhere alone
without talking and try to play individuell to get kills for the scoreboard. I prefere playing like a team, communicate well and get quality games that also helps me to improve my game as a professionell as well.

There are also guys coming to play a fpl game drunk or stoned. There are people having Bad mood all the time and u can’t even communicate with them And they dont get kicked because they have a big name or putting the numbers on the scoreboard
I think we need to be more role models for the viewers, for the upcoming players , for the league and ourselves.

Thanks for reading.

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