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29th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

What happen was

It may be hard to explain in English.

*about mercy 1trick

That was anubis we defence first and he picked the mercy.
It was fine because mercy is good at first point defence.
So when they get first point they have ball and genji.

So I said
"I think we need brig?"

And he just switched brig after mercy ult.
We did good at defence until 2minute.
But we lost at the last fight.
Because he used the brig ult and he just get the rein pinned.
That was I couldn't understand. How you guys die from pin.. when you guys use brig ult

So I said
"brig how you get the pin when you use ult"

But he said like
"dude im playing brig for you and now you complain"

So I said
"How it was for me? brig is the meta"

So he said like
"if im gonna flex for you don't be an ass about it especially when i don't play the character"

So I feel like wtf? because his profile is unblock so I couldn't know he is mercy 1trick
I was so angry at his attitude.
So he picked mercy again and we get first point.
I could understand because he looks like hate brig.
But second point they switched the hero like full dive comp genji tracer winston ball for our mercy.

So I keep said
"We need brig plz get off mercy look at that comp"

But he didn't say anything until game over
That was make me so angry. Beacuse I need to win even if it's not me. our team also want to win.
If he was good at mercy I didn't care but when he use mercy ult he died from blade keep doing like that.

Everyone hates 1trick player even more if you don't communicate.
He also knows that everyone hates him because he is 1trick.

So I said rexxrd and flaming him

That's what I said when we had 3minutes left because he keep ignored me.

*And one more thing about kys

Why I said that word because our orisa was wintrade player He didn't shoot them for about 30s
So that game was draw game.
So I said like that word in a draw.

My point is that I just wanted to explain the situation.
What I did wrong was even if someone is bad i should not say bad words like rexxrd or kxs.

I am so so sorry for using that words.
I am so sorry for fans and team
I did something unprofessional.
This week, I will deeply reflect on the words and come back with a more professional.

And I am not robot guys... plz plz someone understand me...
I know my personality was bad let me fix my personality.

Thank you for reading it guys.

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