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24th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Playing Ducks

After long talks with everyone involved with the team, we decided it was the best course of action to part ways, in favor of a more experienced player to help push the team towards GSA. This decision was made AS A TEAM, with myself initially proposing the idea, to allow myself some time off to deal with some personal issues, whilest also giving the team the best opportunity to progress.

I want to give a massive thanks to my teammates, @GammaR6S @Spordos_R6 @Milk_R6 @iV_R6S and recently @Qualdog and @Peakzai1 for all the support in the past weeks, I absolutely could not have asked for a better group of lads to take the next step in my still very young career. I want to especially thank @darzyr6s for putting his faith in me, when there were certainly more experienced options. I hope to have repaid at least a little of that in my team with the team. Another thankyou to @myFreshi for making me feel so comfortable and welcome within the organization, a true professional and a great man. I've made massive strides as a player in the past weeks and it's mainly down to the support of this amazing group of people. For that I'll be forever grateful.

I also want to express my gratitude to @ZeusR6S and @XumiR6 who have been behind me constantly, motivating and helping me become a better player and a better person. Without them in the background I wouldn't stand where I do now. There are so many more people that have been helping me both inside and out of the game, you all know who you are and I hope you know how much your support means to me.

I leave the team with no regrets, no bad blood and only positive experiences. It's a shame that I couldn't achieve what I wanted with the team, but I have no doubt that they'll do amazing things in the coming months and I'll be there supporting them every step of the way, as I hope everyone else does too, they're a truly great group of lads.

LFT Post will be up soon, though I'm in no specific rush to find a new team.

Thankyou for everything you've done for me.

- Max "Anom" Graeber

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