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21st Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My statement

I am addressing and denying the allegation made against me of sexual assault from 2012. The allegation has been made by a woman with whom, eight years ago, I spent an evening of consensual intimacy that stopped short of full sexual intercourse. In the days and weeks following our evening together, we discussed in conversations that my actions after our encounter, from my tone and lack of communication, made her feel objectified. I believed after our conversations that we had reconciled. Her allegation is not true. My employer has conducted investigations into the claim over the years and never told me that it had determined that I had committed any wrongdoing.

Separately, I was terminated by my employer last week. My employer told me that the reason for my termination was its conclusion that I have failed to uphold the company’s code of conduct over the course of my career at the company. My employer did not cite the allegation of sexual assault as a reason for my termination.

Specifically, it cited my management style, which it found consisted of passive aggressiveness, disrespectful language to former direct reports, and giving the cold shoulder to coworkers. My employer also cited incidents years ago when I asked two coworkers out on dates and when they declined, felt that I gave them a cold shoulder in response. I have not been given the full investigation report so I cannot speak directly about any findings made by my employer or its lawyer.

Regardless, I can see that my actions as a manager over the years while at the company have hurt people. It has been a time of reflection and self-examination over the past few weeks and I do recognize now there are emotional wounds that I’ve caused people.
For this, I am truly, profoundly sorry. I hope for the opportunity to speak to people individually to make amends.

I also acknowledge that I have failed to understand the gender power dynamic, particularly in the games industry. I have not always considered how my actions are received interacting with a woman in this industry, and I apologize for being ignorant to the many nuanced struggles women face every day. I will do better in this.

It is my hope and belief that I’ve grown over these years and that my past behavior is not a reflection of the person I am today. This does not, of course, excuse the disrespect and hurt that I’ve caused people in my interactions with them.

I have taken time for reflection and to seek guidance and help, both from my family and friends and through therapy, to take into account, learn and grow from this.

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