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17th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

A (very long) update

A (very long) update

I cannot thank you all enough for your words of support since I’ve announced the channel’s termination July 21st. What a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I knew we had a special community, but this opened my eyes in a different way. I first want to let you know that I’ve read every single comment on the Community page, Twitter and emails, and plan to save them all so I can always remember this.

At the end of my announcement, I said I would take a long break and see if there’s enough feedback to keep the adventure going at some point. I obviously underestimated the response this termination would garner. I see myself having no choice (and that’s OK) to give an update much earlier than I thought for 2 reasons:

• A lot of you only keep up with the news through my channel’s Community page and I basically see the 21st as a ticking bomb. Before it explodes, you deserve better clarity on what’s to come. I wish I could upload a new video to make even more subscribers aware, but I cannot due to the pending termination.
• It only took a few hours for people to come together and develop spreadsheets of the Best VGM List as an archive and a way to remember what was uploaded. Some people are still working many hours on that.

So let me say this: More than ever, I now realize that while the channel itself will be lost forever along with the comments, this doesn’t mean that everything else has to end. This has never been about views but about all of us connecting through our love for VGM. It’s a safe haven. With everything going on, I’ve read many comments that reflected what I was thinking as well: 2020 is a terrible year. But the difference here is that I actually have the power and control to do something about it. This is probably the cheesiest thing I’ll ever say, but I’ve been playing Ghost Trick lately and the main mechanic is for the hero to change the fate of the future and make it better: with your support during the past 48 hours, you’re all heroes that played a role in changing my own and our community’s future.

If you saw the Blackjack scene in The Hangover movie where he’s in deep thoughts while mathematical equations float around his head, this is basically what my brain has been going through the past 2 days. Here are the projects coming up in the short/long term:

1. A Discord server will be opened this Sunday. I will update you with the invitation link. I have never used Discord and have been learning since yesterday. If you’re like me and never bothered to use it, I invite you to give it a try. I want the safe haven for our community to be reflected there. I plan to have various channels regarding VGM, gaming, anime/manga, movies, general discussions, etc.
2. Project Best VGM List Resurrection: Let me just say that I kept all the video files since the very first one. Of course, that won’t bring back the comments. The Relaxin’ with SD playlist will make a return. More details to come.
3. Project Best VGM List 2447+: At some point, the list will continue. If you don’t want to miss that, subscribe to the new channel.
4. Project Best VGM List Spreadsheet: If you’ve been developing a spreadsheet of the list, you can send me what you have to with your username. If you have a spreadsheet just for the Relaxin' with SD playlist, let me know as well. The goal is to have a complete public spreadsheet of the list with specific details, which I will update as the Best VGM List resumes. More details to come.
5. Other projects related to Community contests and giveaways. The Best Game contest will eventually resume. The new channel already gained enough subscribers to have its Community page.

I won’t lie, I always found a way to keep a bit of time for myself to post a few uploads a week over all these years and it worked well. Now, there is a LOT of work ahead and I’ll be working behind the scenes in preparation of everything (thinking of you, video descriptions…). Along with Discord, I will be launching a Patreon page for those who are willing to support me. I’ve never done something like this, but let’s just say that support of any size will help me. No content related to the Best VGM List will ever be gated behind Patreon: this will fully be as an optional way to support me and earn extra small rewards that will evolve over time.

For those who won’t be using Discord, I will be active on Twitter as always to provide updates.

Well that was a much longer update than expected. Let’s remember this week as the moment our VGM community became something even more special. I hope you’ll be following along and again, know that none of this would be possible without you. If all of this can help even 1 person go through difficult times, it will have been worth it.

Thanks for the Heal. See you with the Sunday update.

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