China Iran deal to break the US sanctions: A humanitarian endeavor

China Iran deal to break the US sanctions: A humanitarian endeavor remodelling the world

The current world situation is very much like that depicted in the Game of Thrones. US didn't heed the warning from China and WHO that the Winter was coming. Now it's in deep shit with the invisible Tiny Walkers all over the place. President Xi Jinping is like Jon Snow trying to persuade countries that humanity is in this together. Xi urged that Humanity stop the pointless infight and devise a global strategy. But the US has been turning a deaf ear to such message to its own peril. It's still hell bent on crushing China while the country is being devoured by the virus.

As a result of the Western propaganda,
our underlying matrix of concepts is completely upside down. White has become black and black has become white. Let's be clear. US sanctions are terrorist acts which have destroyed countries and caused mass deaths. 500,000 Iraqi children died as a direct consequence of sanctions. Defying US sanctions despite penalties is a heroic humanitarian deed.

Cutting off the supply of food and medicine to a country is a terrorist act in violation of human rights. The US led West pretend to care about the human rights of the Uighur Muslims all the while not batting an eye in the face of the death of 500k Iraqi children caused by sanctions.

Sanction is a historical war strategy. The enemy puts a city under siege, cuts off its supplies for a period of time and a war is almost won. The enemy then launches the assault. A starved and demoralized population capitulates very easily.

This was used against Germany during the second world war. A bombed and starved Germany didn't resist very long. Ex Soviet Union also crumbled under the weight of sanctions. Lack of basic consumer goods did something to the Russian morale which eventually brought down the Soviet empire.

US sanctions are not "standing with the people" against the evil regime. Sanctions are not "wanting success for the people".
It's a war strategy designed to destroy part and parcel of the enemy, ie, the country and the people.

US puts forward the faulty logic that sanctions would incite the people to revolt against a government and thus bring down an "evil" regime. In reality nowadays, it almost never works that way. Imagine that the enemy forbids everyone to sell food and medicine to a family hoping the hungry kids would revolt against the parents. As can be expected, the effect is usually the opposite. Children and parents will unite to fight the external enemy. US sanctions haven't had any success with Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea and Iran.

The China Iran deal is a humanitarian cooperation between two people. In a normal world, such a cooperation between one part of humanity and another should be celebrated instead of decried. US imposing sanctions on countries is a roguish behavior. China flaunting such sanctions is doing the right thing.

US thinks it has almost succeeded in strangling Iran to death. Just as the US is contemplating on doing the same to China, China and Iran strike a deal. That's bad news for America. By sanctioning Iran, US has vacated the Iranian market for China.

China will take this opportunity to show the world what it can do to repair the war and sanction torn Middle East. There will be some comparison between the US Middle Eastern legacy and China's.

If all the countries sanctioned by the US follow suit and strike similar deals with China, the most important weapon of the US war arsenal, ie., sanctions will be rendered completely inoffensive. The US will truly become a toothless tiger.

So the Sino Iranian cooperation will have significant strategic and military implications for both countries and the world. The world will literally be remodelled.

A united Eurasian continent of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran will undermine the destructive US & NATO war and chaos schemes on a vast stretch of land on earth. Such a powerful alliance will only bring stability and prosperity to the region. Seeing the benefits, other countries will want to join and align. For many around the world, US has long since degenerated into a sinister force responsible for numerous war crimes under the guise of humanitarian wars.

China's defying US sanctions is truly standing with the Iranian people. This deal is about vast infrastructural projects, notably, airports, ports, subways, high-speed railways, Chinese GPS Beidou etc which will touch upon every aspect of everyday life of every Iranian.

China, as a normal country, deems there is no glory in destroying a country and a people. Contrary to the USA which derives its power by destroying countries thus instilling fear in its friends and foes alike, China derives its glory and satisfaction from building up countries around the world.

If the US vacates of its own accord from the Middle East, don't blame China to move into the vacuum. Thank you Uncle Sam for clearing the competition for China. US supposedly intended to withdraw from the Middle East in order to focus on China. But now that China is moving into the Middle East, what's the US next move?

Before going into such a full scale cooperation with Iran, China must have weighed the pros and cons. Given the all-out hostility of the US to China and the persistent US threat of sanctions and even decoupling, China concludes there's not too much to lose with regard to the status quo. The US is pretty much helpless in the face of such a deal.

The worst scenario would be that the US, led by its mad politicians, chooses to start a war. China will be obliged to play the game of COUNTERSTRIKE. The likely battle ground would be the South China Sea. That will be a bad move for the US. If the US has lost every one of its wars with China in the past 50 years when China was considerably poorer and less well equipped, why should it think it can win a war against China now?

A small and quick war allowing China to show muscles and forever stemming further US war attempts might be a good thing for China. It is obvious that America is preparing the ground for a possible war. It's overwhelming the world with war atrocity propaganda attempting to make the CPC out as Nazis. US is trying to "China explain", "Uighur explain" to the Chinese and Uighurs. So the Uighurs discover themselves to be living in concentration camps and the Uighur women are allegedly forcibly sterilized all the while they are living a normal life with each family having 2-4 children.

US is trying to engineer the legitimacy of a war on the grounds of China's so-called human rights abuses. In reality, China's human rights record as compared with the US is equivalent to China's Covid19 record vis-a-vis that of the USA, ie., a hundred times better.

In the age of information and social media, the US propaganda lies don't go very far.
A war with disastrous consequences is not a viable option. So the US has been betting on effectively punishing China with sanctions with a view to turn China into Iran. US would have liked to see China strangled, starved, isolated and devastated. But China and Chinese people are stubborn. Very likely,
China will be prospering against all odds, despite the US ill intention, or rather, because of it which serves as a rallying call to all Chinese to unite and fight back. In so doing, China will also pull up its brethren along the way and bring prosperity to all. As President Xi has always said, the humanity is a shared community.

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. The intense China hate unequivocally shown by the US led West has unleashed unprecedented China love among the Chinese. No amount of the CPC propaganda could have achieved such a level of patriotism. Such a powerful wave of psychological energy will serve China very well in the next twenty years. This generation will forever remember the daily lies, humiliations and insults poured on China everyday by the US & the West.

US is not turning China into Iran. Rather it's causing Iran to become another CHINA. US will have failed to weaken China and Iran. Rather it will have forced its enemies to unite and mutually enforce and enrich each other, last thing the US wants on earth. πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‚πŸ™„

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