A Reflection in Response to Recent Events

I’ve had time to process what transpired and after much reflection, these are my thoughts:

During a mutual exchange of communication, I have now come to learn that @Aliylian is reporting that she has found our past exchanges offensive. While I am not perfect, if I have ever offended anyone, I sincerely apologize. I hold all communications with anyone with the utmost respect and I would never knowingly engage in a communication exchange that was insensitive or offensive. I love the Smash community and have a deep respect for the game and its members. I’ve been a loyal and contributing member since the beginning as a competitor, commentator, and trainer. I take much pride in seeing my fellow colleagues, apprentices, and new players I’ve helped improve their game to the next level. The Smash community has allowed me to hone my craft, network, build relationships, and develop friendships. However, I will be stepping away and I wish everyone the best.

Disclosed is the complete Facebook Messenger conversation between Aliylian and I for your review: https://imgur.com/a/gN48rNG

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