My statement on GiantWaffle.

I have been extremely torn about saying something publicly. But, after speaking to both Sam and Deb and the first thing I hear is them crying I knew I had to say something. I also have had many old members of Waffle’s community and mine asking me about this. This is Deb’s story, and I reached out for permission before sharing my side of the story.

First and foremost, Deb made a statement yesterday detailing the events of her experience with StivityBobo and GiantWaffle here:

As well, Sam has stated to me he would like to release an additional statement himself.

Both of them deserve all the love and support in the world right now. Not me, I am just here to support them.

If you don't know me, I am Scrubing. I was one of Waffle’s main mods and streamer friends back years ago. If you watched Waffle back in the day you remember me. Either as a mod, a stream friend, or in honesty as a leech. Waffle did so much for me, which is why this is one of the most painful things to write. He gave me everything. He even let me spam my Twitch link when I was pushing for partnership over 6 years ago. He was like a big brother to me. He was smart, studying in college for an electrical engineering degree, successful and friends with so many awesome streamers whom I met throughout the years being his friend. I even spoke to and met his roommates at the time. He gave me everything and I do not think I deserved it. I’m thankful for Waffle and all he did for me.

At the time right after the GDQ, Waffle came home, called me on Skype and told me he fucked up. He told me some really bad shit happened and I have to have extreme friend-NDA on this. Waffle admitted to me his involvement with sexually assaulting Tolki (Deb) at GDQ. They were all drunk, Sam wasn’t there, him and StivityBobo were feeling up Deb, touching her and that all of it was “crazy”. He didn’t think he was sorry, didn’t think he did anything wrong, he was just more worried about his image as a streamer and if Sam and Deb came out and said anything or if I heard anything from anyone after it happened. After all of this I told him to wait and see, as there was nothing public at the time, and I believe he said he was going to keep it on the down low and added their names to the automod chat in his Twitch channel. Since then, Sam and Tolki stopped their ShowVideoGames stream and disappeared for 2 years without saying anything. Waffle got off scot free, and that was almost the end of it.

I personally couldn’t deal with it after awhile. The guilt of knowing led me to stop watching his streams as much, stop talking with him as much, and stop interacting with his streamer friends. At that time I was homeless and had enough things going on so we slowly faded away.

For Waffle, things kept on happening that never made sense to the public. The /r/SamandTolki subreddit kept on finding and unearthing things. Here’s a few points to look at if you don’t believe me.

StivityBobo’s statement that there was another person: (full pastebin:

While at the time the second person was unknown, in 2017 StivityBobo made a statement directly confirming it was Waffle:

But that’s not all, in a reddit AMA Waffle publicly denied having ANY involvement in the incident. This to me was the most disgusting thing he could have done. Waffle recently deleted his response to this AMA.

Original thread:

Reddit Deleted Comment:

If he was innocent, why would he delete an AMA that was well received, especially if it was all true?

As well recently there was another public statement by ScottJProgan here also confirming Waffle was around and showing again Waffle lied about his lack of involvement:

I spoke to Sam when the AMA happened and at the time he wanted to publicly say something. At that point they were still silent and for good reason. People harassed them both nonstop. They were DOXXED and their families were harassed. Deb even had a school presentation leaked where people filled it with comments about how she got fat, how she’s ugly, how could someone sleep with her, etc. This is just a girl trying to move on from being sexually abused, that tried to stay away and move on. How would any person feel if their lives were torn apart and people STILL attacked them for YEARS. Sam had comments about how he’s a cuck, how he’s a shitty husband, how he’s an awful person. But him and Deb stayed together. So many times I’ve spoken to him throughout the years, and he has done nothing but support her in everything she wanted to do. I’m sure they would have said something sooner, but it is Deb’s story to tell. Stiv even reached out multiple times to Sam to admit his faults. Waffle never reached out to them, not once.

I was not there when the actions took place, so I can not speak on behalf of Sam, Deb or Waffle during those days, and I believe Sam will be saying more. I am only here confirming that Waffle did speak to me about his involvement in sexually abusing Deb.

A few things to note during Waffle and Stiv’s actions. At the time, Deb was 18. It was not legal for her to drink. Both her and Sam came from a mormon background. Mormons do not drink. Not even at family gatherings. This was their first experience with alcohol in general. Waffle
even confirmed she got drunk to the point where she was throwing up here:

I am sorry it took me so long to speak up. Sam can confirm I wanted to say something years ago. I even messaged Waffle privately to see if we could talk, to attempt to help everyone get closure, to move on but sadly he always ignored my attempts. That’s what he does, he ignores the issues and hopes it goes away.

I truly hope that people can see Deb’s perspective of how hard it is to go through this experience, how both Sam and Deb had to deal with so much backlash, hate, and cyberstalking and how much they lost dealing with this.

When I spoke with Sam yesterday, he and I instantly started crying. It was like an era of pain was finally relieved. I am very proud of them. Deb had an awful thing happen to her and I’m so insanely proud she can finally rest easy that everyone knows what happened. I am sorry it took so long for me to say anything but it was never my story to tell. They both will have my full support no matter what. I am nothing but astonished by how great of people they’ve become. While Waffle downplayed what he told me immensely it seems, everything he said lines up with what Deb said in her statement. I am not here to end Waffle, but I believe and support Deb.

Thank you for reading.

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