We could find out soon if Jack Rathbone decide’s to sign with the Canucks.

A new CBA transition rule may potentially speed up defenseman Jack Rathbone decision on signing with the Canucks or return for another season at the U of Harvard.

When the new CBA is announced there will be a 53-hour window to sign rookies and burn a year on their contracts.

Because Rathbone is 21 years old, he would sign a 3 year deal.

Based on what we’ve learned on the transition rule, the Canucks can sign Rathbone at noon ET the third day after the CBA agreement is signed, ends 5pm ET the fifth day.

IF Rathbone signs, he would get no signing bonus and would not play this season in the return to play format but it would still burn the first year of his 3 year contract.

Will Harvard hockey even play next season, seems less likely as each month passes. Some think there will be no fall sports at Harvard.

Is Europe a possibility for Rathbone, everything is on the table but not likely.

Rathbone has a decision to make, sign with the Canucks and burn a year off his deal or continue to play the waiting game with Harvard.

We may get clarity soon on one the top defenseman prospects in the Vancouver organization.

Talked with a scout in the NCAA today on Rathbone : "Great pick by the Canucks, this is a great kid who comes from a great family. He is a slick puck moving defenseman who defends well. Offensively he is really good as well, has a bomb of a shot from the point. He passes the puck like a pro.”

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