My experience with Mikey/Crackpr0n, TW for sexual assault, racism and manipulati

TW for sexual assault, body shaming, manipulation and racism

I didn't expect to see Mikey's name after cutting him put years ago but after seeing my friends Tiffany and Angie come forward about Mikey/Crackpr0n I am gonna break my silence about it since it was something so heavy on my heart. I am sorry for how this is written, I repressed so many of these memories. I've never told anyone and I'm tired of being quiet

I met Mikey around 2010ish he was dating my friend and I signed up to volunteer for an event at an anime con, I was socially awkward and 20/21ish. I knew him mostly online on forums starting arguments with people over stuff in the anime community. When I met him in person since I was staying with him and my friend since we were Sharing a hotel. I remember he said to me "you'd be really cute if you weren't such a fatass" which I nervously laughed about but it's something that stuck with me since. Later in the day I remember there would be constant hotel parties in the room with alcohol and he'd randomly get naked and flash his genitals at me and I was not happy to have that shown at me, he even flung his underwear at my face or rubbed it in my hair when I tried to sleep. I remember shutting my eyes and trying to forget it. I remember being told I had to drink to come into the room or even just doing it because I didn't want to be seen as a downer, Mikey would feel me up especially my tits a lot and I tried to brush it off but I was told well this is how Mikey is. I was made to believe that Mikey was right and I was wrong about a lot of the stuff. I remember going to my friend's place and he'd call me names and would compare my body to another girl, I was never made felt welcome especially at cons when our mutual friends linked up. I remember some girls came and he tried to force them to drink and I told them that they don't have to and he flat out overrode me, I remember at cons he'd make jokes about me or say I am better off cleaning hotels and doing some racist jokes about me. It fucking blows to my confidence this day I'm insecure about myself. I was groomed to believe that Mikey was Mikey and this was ok when infact it wasn't

He tried to touch me a lot especially when I was trying to sleep, he'd make sexual comments at me how I owe him a BJ or tell me how he'd sexually do things to me. He would say pretty racist remarks to me and make jokes about me being Latina or how I wasn't "chola Enough" A lot of stuff I honestly tried to block out because it was just such a dark stain on my early 20s. I felt taken advantage of and he'd make me feel like shit in our friend circles, like I was never good enough to be amongst them, it's why I quit the volunteer group and I think what tipped me over was that people would try to defend his behaviors saying oh that's how he is blah blah blah when in fact that's not fucking okay at all. I was never allowed to hang out with my dude friends because Mikey would tell them they were all shitty

I think the biggest one that's just really never gonna let me forget is (tw for sexual assault)

He had forced me into having sex with him, I remember I was really drunk and he got me naked, he pushed himself on me and I remember trying to fight it but I was so drunk and I remember being so confused. He didn't stop and I remember he also got his then GF in the mix, it was so weird and I just remembered leaving to sleep in another room since she intervened, but he boasted how he fucked me like it was some game. I drank a lot to forget, i remember trying to confront these things only to be told I'm a liar, that Mikey is just Mikey and these things were ok so I just kept quiet as he would constantly undress in front of me and other girls at parties, feeling us up or forcing minors to drink. I felt unhappy and it was why I quit the friend group I was in because I no longer felt welcome. He constantly would make jokes about my weight, compared me to other girls and say I wasn't cute enough to be with them, that I wasn't worthy of anything and mind you I'm going through college during this and he really hurt my esteem and pride hard that I kept quiet

I tried to be friends with Mikey, I was nice to him and even visited but he just disregarded my kindness and only cared when I apparently would fuck up or got on my ass about my singing... something I loved to do, he made me feel ugly and worthless. He would purposely tell me I wasn't good or he'd remove me from friend groups because I wasn't good enough appearance wise. I felt so horrible I stepped away. In the end he decided to run my name though the mud over a stupid fb argument about rent in San Francisco, I know he lies about me and that's probably why I lost a lot of friends saying I'm not worth talking to. I know he groomed a lot of people to believe him, a lot of girls in my friend group looked up to him like a big bro but I just saw him later as someone who was an asshole. I feel hurt because I've been too scared to talk to my friend group and let them know why I left. Why I was so distant especially when they would invite Mikey...he left a scar on me and I'm speaking now because of my friends who are brave to come forward

Mikey if you're reading this, I'm sure you're going to call me a liar. I'm not lying, I'm tired of hiding from you and doing scumbag shit to my friends. Karma's kiss came for you.

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