Vanessa's Statement

Note: Vanessa reached out to me and asked for me to pass along this statement as she has long since deactivated her Twitter.


I was born on November 27 1997. I’m nearly 23. Can’t believe I’m being asked for my birth certificate to prove my age. And the abuse allegations are completely false it’s sickening. We did argue because I used to be unstable as shit and would always throw a fit by breaking stuff (anyone that has followed me back then on Twitter would know of my instability) but then again this is no ones business. We have been dating for so long and this is my personal business with him. I don’t appreciate people trying to use me as a means to hurt Gonzalo further.

Please leave me alone. It is stupid to have to make a statement on this after I decided I don’t want to be on social media anymore. What gives someone else the right to speak for me? People are only bringing this up out of spite at him NOT because they care about me in any way, otherwise they would reach out to me privately to check on me like my real friends have but that’s not the case. Stop. I don't want to further the discussion and have to prove myself. I just want it an end.


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