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5th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

I want to preface this by saying that if you have not read Cheri/@milkche's story, please do so and support her. Her experience with Rigz is downright disgusting and creepy . I was never going to share my story by myself, but I decided that I need to support Cheri because what she said is true. Rigz has made multiple women uncomfortable and this is my experience too. Personally, Rigz has made me feel trapped, guilt-tripped, and spread rumors about me, and I do not think he should be trusted around women.

I met Rigz in early October 2019 through Twitter (on an account I have deactivated earlier this year) as he retweeted a video of me dancing and added a caption, something to the effect of "This is how my future wife gonna be like smh." I didn't understand what it meant (it felt like an insult) so I asked Dara about it. Dara had vouched that Rigz was a good guy so I decided I should try to talk to him as I was starting to become somewhat involved with the New York smash scene and was planning on visiting soon. Our conversations were completely friendly, and we discussed meeting up with some friends during my trip.

This happened on October 14, 2019, a few days into my trip. That day, I had met up with Cheri, Lonesome, Extra O, and Rigz. Upon arrival, Rigz gave me an elephant plush, which I felt was a strange gift to give someone you barely know (plus I am not a child so why would he give me something like that?) but I appreciated it nonetheless because it was a nice gesture. Throughout the day, I didn’t directly speak with Rigz much but when I did, he always had a very negative way of speaking that was off-putting to me. There were a few times where it'd feel like he was parenting/controlling me, trying to get me to eat when I didn't want to and asking "are you sure you wanna do that?" when I suggested we go somewhere. Even early in the day, I was waiting to just get away from him.

Cheri and Extra O had to go home in the middle of the day, so it was just Lonesome, Rigz, and me left to walk around and talk. I had a lot on my mind about something that happened the day before, so I stayed in my head while the two boys talked for the most part. Listening in on their conversations, though, I became very repelled by the way Rigz would talk about everything with a pessimistic and stubborn take. I'm sure that those of you who have talked to Rigz before know what I'm talking about. Eventually, I got to a breaking point and needed to talk to Lonesome about what was bothering me, but I did not want Rigz there considering it was a very personal issue and his negative take on everything would have definitely made me feel worse. Lonesome noticed I was uncomfortable and we tried to get out of the situation.

We tried to lie to Rigz about me needing to go to my sister’s Airbnb for an emergency. I take full accountability for lying. I chose to lie in hopes of not offending him, as I felt like someone who would become dangerous if upset. Rigz knew immediately that something was up and insisted he come with us to the subway, claiming that he didn’t want to go home yet. The longer I was around him, the more upset I became. I felt trapped and wanted to cry out of frustration. We tried to convince him to go home, but he kept playing dumb and going along with us. I don’t understand why he, noticing I was uncomfortable around him and wanted to leave, continued to act like a creep who couldn’t take a hint. To prove a point? To catch me in a lie and then feel good about himself? Let me make this very clear: A normal person, upon seeing that someone else does not want to be around them, would leave them alone. Instead, he felt entitled to make me feel worse because I tried to lie to get out of the situation. Again, I should have told the truth and I am accountable for that, but it's not uncommon for girls to lie to get away from guys when they feel unsafe. I am just glad that Lone was there, who eventually told Rigz the truth and got him to leave. I do not know what would have happened if I didn't have Lone there to protect me. Would he have stalked me all the way to my sister's? I messaged Cheri immediately after the situation:
(Cheri was also telling me about the karaoke incident that happened the day before)

Later that night on Twitter, Rigz messaged me saying that he knew something was up and I shouldn’t have lied to him. I immediately apologized, knowing that what I did was wrong, but he continued to send me multiple messages about how I ruined the day for him and tried to guilt-trip me, making the situation all about himself and not once considering why I would want to get away from him. I already apologized and felt bad, but that wasn't enough for him. He continued to harass and berate me until I stopped responding. I left it at that and we unfollowed each other some time later, never speaking again.

A few days ago, a friend and I were talking and they suddenly apologize.

(Redacted are to protect the identity of the user) I was confused, but unsurprised because Rigz is not the only one who was spreading lies about me. (I was originally going to blur Venia's name, but which recent allegations against him, I feel like it should be known that Venia has exaggerated our interactions to make me look bad, and I personally think he is a liar and should not be trusted.)

Rigz was spreading rumors about me my own friends, saying he got the info from some mysterious “source” which I can only imagine is unreliable because I have only ever spoken about my true feelings about my crush at the time (frenchtutor) to TWO people that he knows, which are Dara and Cheri. If neither of them are his sources (which I know for a fact they aren't) his source is invalid.

So, I found out that he was portraying me as some thirsty girl after all these smash players, when HE is the one who made me feel trapped and uncomfortable around him. This really hurt me, but I have since found out that he is known to treat women badly . I am sharing this in support of Cheri, as I truly feel that Rigz cannot be trusted around women. As Cheri said in her Twitlonger, she and I are not the only ones Rigz has harassed. Again, if you haven't already, I *urge* you to read Cheri's story linked above because her experience is far worse and scarier than mine. I feel lucky that I don't live in New York so I don't have to encounter him anymore, but Cheri does, and other women that he has harassed and preyed upon do too. Rigz, if you're reading this, I do not want you to reach out to me. I don't want an apology or for you to berate me more. All I ask is that you seriously consider how I must have felt and not do this to any girl ever again, ESPECIALLY if you are alone with her. Thank you for reading.

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