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The truth about all of the EVO stuff

The past few days have been a quite surreal experience I have seen people like Nairo and Zero being exposed and more to come. The people we would admire could be a monster also. The recent exposing of Mr.Wiz aka Joey Cuellar. So be prepared to read my taughts it might be something.

The last few days Joey Cuellar has tweeted out that the dms are fake and did not happen but in truth he has asked for dick pics from multiple individuals throughout the years even after he said he has changed after that incident. The man is a liar and he tried to defend himself by having chango making a statement stating that one of the victims did it to himself and said he did it to others while in fact this is in fact false just a last desperate attempt to defend there reputations in this world as regular human beings which is disgusting I deeply regret reading the tweet longer of chango since it’s mostly lies to just defend themselves.

He offered money to people to have jobs and tourney privileges even after that incident. But you could say that he paid chango in a large amount of tokens to write that statement for him. The idea I had to see all this to my eyes and claiming it’s a lie is him trying to lie to himself. I hope this tweet longer can kind of clear of things up when he said the dms were fake while they were indeed true...

Joey Cuellar and Chango only care about there money and wellbeing to be honest. they don’t even give a shit about people and they would do anything to not have there reputations ruined. I have wondered for long enough to see if the situation would escalate any further and it did there is a Washington post article on the matter now.

If you have reached the end of the tweet longer all I have to say thank you for reading all of this. The two of them only care about there penis club. The tweet longer should clear a lot of the stuff you have seen from the recent few days. The days since than have been quite sad and I just want to watch videos alone with my other being able to support me during the times I have been seeing these few days.

I love you all for reading this and I hope we can clean the community. The idea of an EVO seems nearly impossible at this point. The idea of them coming from this new Pizzagate as the old people believed I call it evogate. Anyways, that ends my statement on the matter and the issue of the current state of EVO and the truth of the matter.

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