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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Salem condones pedophilia and was a huge part of the Cpt Zack/Nairo Incident.

Why is Salem not getting any heat for what he did? Dude was an adult when he was literally cheering on a 15 yr old minor for sucking Nairo's dick (an adult). All because he "didn't know Nairo's age", which is complete fucking horseshit. These two have known each other SINCE BRAWL DAYS. 10+ FUCKING YEARS. And u are telling me you did not know he was your fucking age?

His oldest set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ekt6JcrBNA .
Yeah, he did not know his fucking age, Ok buddy.

Cpt Zack’s conversation with Salem, which shows Salem cheering him on for sucking Nairo’s dick.: https://imgur.com/a/zozlTOV

Proof it's actually Salem: https://gyazo.com/c004eb4b0cb309208fb9d9e31897555f
Salem is the person who reverse 3-0’d him.

More proof that it’s him: Salem’s pathetic response when someone called him out 2 days ago: https://twitter.com/SalemBane_/status/1278745562561556480?s=20

I do not know if anyone realizes this either, but Salem is OLDER than Nairo is. Dude was 22 years fucking old when the incident happened. A 22 yr old man cheering on a 15 yr old kid for sucking a 20 yr olds dick. Does anyone see how fucking disgusting that is? He is a huge part of what happened, he condones pedophilia, and this whole situation could of ended COMPLETELY DIFFERENTELY if he acted his fucking age.

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