Regarding Keitaro, from current members in The Loft.

All of us currently living at the loft have been devastated by the recent events. So many influential people in the Smash community who we looked up to or held in high regard being exposed as abusers and sexual predators is hard to take in. Especially considering that one of those people is someone who has lived with us for years and become like family to us, Keitaro.

Speaking as myself (Cilvanis), I was at the party at Sky's House where the event took place. During the party, Keitaro told me that he was inviting a girl to hang out with, which turned out to be the victim. He mentioned it was her birthday and that she was going to be turning 18 that night. During the party, I had rare and brief sightings of Keitaro with the victim throughout the night, but was not aware of his actions. Sky’s house is massive, and we spent most of the night doing our own things, so I didn’t get much of a chance to interact with either of them. Sky's house (or should I say mansion) was so massive that it was impossible to keep track of anyone even if you were trying to. The interior of his mansion was huge with many different twists, turns, and corridors throughout. The exterior of the mansion was just as massive with a bar area, pool, cave, and various other expansive areas that I don't know the proper terminology to describe. The party took place inside the mansion and extended to the outside as well, making it extremely difficult to consistently see any particular person through the night.

Here is a video that I recorded during the party, even Sky William was not aware that I filmed this until he saw it posted on Twitter:

We did multiple takes of the video to get this right and Sky Williams still had no idea that we did this:

After the event, Keitaro would later mention that he had slept with a girl at the party in our group chat, but like I said earlier, we would often ignore him when he talked about women because he did it frequently, and no one could have imagined he would hurt a minor. There were so many people in our group chat that we had notifications turned off and people would very often ignore messages that didn't pertain to them. Whenever he spoke about the situation, he was vague, but the overall message that he conveyed, and that we understood, was that the girl he slept with was 18 at the time.

Colinies was not in the group chat as he did not live in the house at the time, since he didn't move in until last year. He was later told by Keitaro about what happened with the victim in a private conversation between just those two. Only this time, Keitaro revealed the actual age of the victim the night he had slept with her. As the newest and youngest member of the Loft, Colinies understandably, but incorrectly assumed that this was common knowledge at the Loft. The fact that he had to carry the burden of this knowledge alone was heartbreaking, as we only found out the truth at the same time the public did.

We saw Keitaro as the same person that most of you did, a charming, funny, and kind soul that would constantly brighten the many days we spent with him. Our overall impression of him was that he was a wonderful person that we could trust and love like family. That's what makes the recent news about what happened that night so absolutely devastating... the thought that this whole time you've been living a lie and that your close friend would do something horrible sent paralyzing shockwaves through our bodies. We sat in silence and despair unable to eat, sleep, or function properly as the vile actions of our close friend was exposed to our community and to our hearts. We sat in sadness and shame as we wondered how the incident affected the victim, it was unbearable...

We quickly decided that it was best for Keitaro to move out of the loft as soon as he could. We do not condone what he did in any way and do not desire to continue living with him. He has agreed to this and is already taking steps to remove himself from the house as soon as possible. We hope that he takes our advice to seek help and become a better person while dealing with the consequences of his actions. We are deeply sorry to the victim and the rest of the community that this happened.

As for recent events unfolding in the community, we are shocked and disgusted at the actions of people we thought we knew better, people we considered friends. Hopefully we can be a part of creating a new, safer environment for everyone that listens to victims and takes proper action.

- Cilvanis, Cosmos, and Hackoru

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