Me, Crighton and Bexy

This twitlonger was co-authored by Kim and Crighton, which is why we will refer to ourselves in the third person.


Crighton and Bexy were friends sharing a semi parent/child dynamic during an extremely depressing time in his life. (Less than a month after he attempted suicide). He felt close to her, as they used to share a similar location, and Bexy had even been in a relationship with someone Crighton knew. Crighton idolized Bexy as a motherly figure. Crighton frequently confided in Bexy and would spend some nights just venting and crying to her. When he asked her what happened during the Vedhan situation, (right after it initially happened), this is what she told him. Essentially, she made herself out to be much more innocent, even going as far to say she was manipulated and led on by Vedhan.
Crighton believed her, supported her, and even defended her in some instances because he trusted her after she supported him through his emotional recovery.
One of our mutual friends offhandedly mentioned he was in a group chat with Bexy, which piqued Crightons interest. Kim was slightly confused, as she still thought Bexy was guilty at the time. Later, Kim was invited to the group chat with Bexy after being blocked by vedhan for a reason that wasn’t clear to her at the time (it was because her friends were close to Bexy). Crighton was also added at this time. In that group chat, each of us had some type of reason to be uncomfortable with Vedhan, ranging from a minor block to Bexy herself. In this chat, we had normal discussions, as we all quickly became friends, but would also discuss Bexy’s situation with Vedhan at length. In these situations, she made herself out to be a victim, saying Vedhan made moves on her knowing the consequences and that he used her. She felt as if she cared about him more than he cared about her. Other times, Bexy would even complain about how much she missed being “friends” with him. All this time in the group chat, Bexy never mentioned that they had sexted, and she barely mentioned the nudes as anything other than a mistake and something Vedhan had asked for. We would also complain about others not knowing the “full story” whenever someone on twitter or discord called her a groomer or made a predator joke about her. She made us all believe she was innocent.


After many victims became vocal about their stories in the smash community this past week, people in the group chat who avidly defended Bexy began encouraging her to release some kind of statement before Vedhan, as we thought he was going to make more lies to slander Bexy. Bexy kept refusing to make any type of statement or release the document she had already written months ago, which confused everyone in the chat. We had all believed Bexy was just too scared/uncomfortable to share her side of the story. Luross even said that she had no real reason not to post her document, as she had nothing left to lose. The only real reason she wouldn’t post it would be if she was hiding something. We were all being incredibly encouraging and supportive of Bexy, urging her to make a statement for her own safety. Bexy remained cryptic and refused to make any moves. People split over her decision. Crighton in specific was extremely upset by Bexy’s silence because he had been a victim of sexual assault and had never spoken up about it. He was afraid of her feeling the same pain he had felt because he had never spoken up. This pain brought back memories of his incident, (read and the fact that people were around and watched this occur, but refused to say anything to avoid further conflict. Crighton believed that the other members of the chat were similar to them, and became extremely angry on Bexy’s behalf, leading into a breakdown. He went on a long rant about how we were in the wrong for complying with Vedhan by allowing Bexy to stand by her own decision. He believed Bexy was a legitimate victim just like him who silenced herself out of fear. This was all a lie. Bexy didn’t release this information because she knew Vedhan had those screenshots. She knew she was guilty. Crightons mental state was so negatively affected by this that not only did he cut off Kim and another close friend in the group chat, but it drove a wedge in his current relationship as well. Bexy passively watched him break down over a lie she made up and ignored him when he tried to talk to her.

These were dms between Kim and Crighton during his breakdown.

He had no idea that she was lying. (him refers to Crighton’s assailant)

Bexy made Crighton genuinely believe that she was a victim, to the point where he took her story so seriously that he was willing to end 2+ year long friendships to defend her. That’s how much she manipulated him. That’s how she manipulated all of us. She’s a fucking liar and a manipulator. Her lies triggered a breakdown in an actual assault victim. Worst of all, her lies made us try to silence the actual victim, Vedhan. She encouraged us to make fun of him. She encouraged us to defend her publicly. She manipulated people into trying to make sure a victim was doubted, excused and silenced, in order to get away from the consequences of her actions. She’s fucking disgusting.

We hope she gets what she deserves.

Pedophiles and manipulators do not belong in ANY community.

Kali and Crighton

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