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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My side of the story with Tina

I just want to address some things regarding the Tina incident. This isn't me accepting my behavior, I know I was very wrong, but there are things she's just not telling that's making it very unfair for me.

Some people won't understand my situation, and some others will, but Tina has threaten to kill herself to me, and other people she was dating / involved with. She would often do this when she can't have her way or when we would distance ourselves from her.

I have denied her several occasions due to my age, but she kept on persisting








I didn't jump on the opportunity because she was young or weak, she's (or was, or maybe faking), very suicidal.

This is the first sign of suicidal tendencies:


She did not want to tell me who she was talking to when she said that:




This obviously worried me a lot so I made sure not to say the wrong things to trigger her. This is the first incident of self-harm:



And yes she was dating GP when he was 17



And continued it after awhile


She would tell me she feels like killing people and more talk about self-harming, This was really hard to read and deal with due to the things I knew about her. I was very scared I would let her down and she would kill herself.



She tells me she is sorry multiple times but will continue to hurt herself. We got together after she stopped talking to GP (probably because he got tired of her shit).

She got upset at me because I posted a selfie in the HM channel and not to her directly. Then she harmed herself in the result:



Tina has not told you any of the details of her saying these things to me whenever I felt disgusted and bad about our relationship, She would trap me with this kind of talk:





I broke up with her and took the risk of her doing anything to herself. She completely stopped with that kind of talk and we started talking like friends again.

But she would complain how things aren't the same again. We eventually drifted apart and I blocked her on all of my social medias.

I don't like when people tell stories and don't tell the whole truth.

1: I did not take the opportunity to get with her because she was weak or suicidal, I tried to help her as a friend

2: I did not want to be in the relationship and I denied it many times

3: she threaten at least 4 different boys/men about her problems and repeatedly harmed herself if they were leaving her

4: I know what I did was very wrong and It was a extremely bad time in my life. From the self harm and talks about suicide to my own actions, I'm not proud of myself at all and I would take it back if I could.

I'm sorry everyone. I understand if you don't accept me, but I wanted to tell my side because this is ridiculous and I already have health problems with anxiety and stress, I want this to end. I don't want nothing to do with Tina. She ruined me mentally.

I have leftover screenshots of random but related things to my story, I showed enough, DM me if you wanna see more of her manipulative suicidal threats.

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