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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

In Regards to the Remo Situation

I don’t really know where to begin with this, I’ve never had to write a twitlonger or anything of the sort before, so I apologize in advance.

(As a side note, I have permission from all named parties in this twitlonger to mention them)

I first met Remo in January of 2019 when traveling south to visit Kyoto (@KyotoSSB) when our relationship was starting to get more serious. We stayed at OCM House in Houston the night of my arrival. For those unaware, OCM House was a gigantic smash house in Houston where the majority of players visiting Houston would generally be housed. That January up through July 2019, I stayed at OCM House on multiple occasions for multiple events, and just to hang out with our friends in Houston every once in a while.

My relationship with Remo was entirely that of mutual friendship. As my introduction to him was on the basis of him just being a friend of Kyoto and the other people she knows in Houston, I just assumed he was trustworthy. One of the things I almost immediately came to learn about him is that he was very open about his sexual life. I mean, almost disturbingly so. It's one thing to be open with people but what he exhibited seemed more like an obsession to me.

Eventually this even got to the point of him asking Kyoto on MULTIPLE occasions if I would be alright if he could have sex with me, or if I would be alright with the two of them having sex (sometimes with the idea of involving me by having me watch). We were often invited to his hotel rooms during majors and such for similar reasons, and thankfully we always turned it down as we're in a committed relationship and neither of us were ever really comfortable with that idea.

In addition to this, Remo would often speak on his lack of a relationship and how lonely he was, how people would always turn away from him in relationships (any of you who were friends with him on Facebook will have probably seen this behavior at some point.) This always seemed to be taken a step further around us, and our friends NapTime (@naptimehtx) and PixlSugr (@_pixlsugr) as Remo would often treat us coldly if we weren't to directly involve him in activities we participated in at OCM house or around Houston. This would usually result in attempts to guilt us, and make us feel bad for not spending more time with him, when all he would want is sex or drinking.


What he offered seemed impossible not to buy into, OCM House was free housing for any nearby event whenever we wanted or needed it, so obviously (especially with the price of a decent hotel in Houston) we would always opt for the option of staying in the big fancy mansion full of other smash players for free. Every time we would go, it was practically a party. This house was always full of a ton of people during larger events. No shortage of setups to practice at, or people to talk to. As much alcohol as you could drink, and then some. In the times I had been there, I'd been exposed to multiple instances of underage drinking with absolutely no attempt being made to stop it, and with that housing being absolutely free to anyone who anyone who wanted it so long as they were in the good graces of Remo, there were frequently minors there, including some younger high level players in the scene who I won't name as they aren't necessarily involved in this.

There didn't ever seem to be any preventative measures put in place to prevent this kind of thing from occurring. Anybody I had ever heard of being banned from OCM House was from something other than the underage drinking issue, either. It was so easily available for anyone, left completely unattended in the kitchen.

Obviously, this would be okay if minors were completely disallowed at OCM house, but Remo definitely knew of the issue and did nothing to stop it, and continued to encourage people to stay at OCM house regardless of their age. I have seen minors as young as 15 years old there before, and while I do not know if any of them directly participated in the underage drinking issue, I would not be remotely surprised due to the accessibility of the alcohol in the house. It is also important to note that OCM House had been a thing far longer than the time frame in which I was involved with it. There is no telling how deep this runs, and I am certain I do not have the full scope of the issue.


I have always had my reservations about Remo, and heard rumors about him. But as others who have come forward have mentioned, he always did a good job of making you believe they were lies and shit talk made to discredit him. I now see through all of this that the rumors were definitely true and we were all being manipulated by him.


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