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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My experience with Kuma

Okay, to start, I need to say that I was harassed, never assaulted (thankfully). But how Kuma treated me wasn’t exactly a little thing, and with people coming forward, I need to get this off my chest. I’m going to be quick and to the point.

Last summer, when my brothers and I were new to the scene, Kuma and I became friends through smash. During this time, these are the “highlights” (I'll include screenshots at the bottom):

1. He tried to make advances SEVERAL times, despite me saying I wasn’t interested.

2. We were going to team for doubles, but then after I rejected him the final time, he made me extremely uncomfortable with a huge meltdown, saying he “didn’t know what he would do without me,” and that I “shouldn’t be too picky, there aren’t that many guys out there.” He told me he didn’t want to team, and the only reason he asked in the first place was so he could “flirt”.

3. Kuma completely distorted my view of other possible friends on the scene, trying to isolate me from the rest of the group. He slandered multiple good people, but the most drastic badmouthing was about Mr. Escalator, who he portrayed as a flat out predator.

4. When my brothers and I were added to the public NH smashers chat, he told people behind my back that he hated us being in there, and that he wished I would give him “space.”

5. He gossiped about me to other people (who didn’t even know me), and they encouraged him to cut me out. If this had happened, I would have been ostracized from the smash scene.

6. When I confronted him on everything, he had no excuses for anything. He in his mind, somehow warped my anger into “me caring about him,” and begged for another chance to be my friend. I said no, because it wasn’t worth it, and we haven’t talked since.

He soft blocked me on twitter, he unfriended me on facebook. The one irl tournament I've seen him at since, he avoided me like the plague. Which brings us a year later to today. I saw a public apology on Twitter about his actions, but still, he ignores me and I have received no direct apology. The closest I ever got was when I confronted him—when he was caught. For someone who claims to be "changed,” I see zero evidence.

I don’t trust him, I don’t respect him. His actions, combined with multiple people who are aware of this story but try to “ignore it,” have absolutely killed my desire to attend anything. Tyler has proven to be a manipulator. A liar. He tries to play victim, and he won't hesitate to betray his friends. So please, stop defending him, praising him. Stop supporting him while claiming to be against abusers. Because it’s making life miserable for the people he’s hurt.

Screenshots when I first rejected him: https://imgur.com/a/pTiOVEx

When I rejected him the FINAL time:

Him telling me not to be picky: https://imgur.com/a/r25IFcE

Him trying to creep me out about Dylan: https://imgur.com/a/3N8hRFk

And lastly, when I confronted him: https://imgur.com/a/Nk3WNL5

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