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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

This needs to stop with Zero

I'm going to preface this by saying even though Zero and I don't have a good past together, what I have to say is not going to be discredited by that. I want to open this up by saying that Jisu lived in a house filled with predators, It shouldn't be surprising that she has her own stories.

In my opinion, I really think be it the followers, fame, or just narcissism there's something so
disgusting about how these allegations were attempted to be brushed off and Zero saying "I do not want you guys to harass her" and thinking that absolves him of what he did is so wrong. Zero manipulated and blinded his audience VERY well into attacking this victim who finally mustered the courage to share her story against the biggest name in smash. Zero immediately goes into saying that Jisu was friendly with him in his Twitlonger. It is trying to imply that because of this, there is no possible way he could have harassed her? Jisu obviously had not been able to find it in her to speak out about what happened and let it burden her. Surely no one has ever been friendly with someone who made them uncomfortable right? Never?

Later in Zero's response he INTENTIONALLY shows Jisu asking him for help with promoting her art and posts. This comes off so disgusting to me in particular. This girl has come out against you saying that you made her uncomfortable, and you're implying with these select screenshots you chose to show to your audience, that you could never possibly harass her. This girl was living in a house on her own at 15, obviously she wanted to promote her posts so she could succeed...? Why wouldn't she want the bigger names to promote her posts. But no, making someone uncomfortable isn't possible if you just retweet their fucking posts on fucking Twitter right?

After Zero is done manipulating the situation with screenshots making it seem like he and her were good friends and that this isn't possible because of it. He finally goes on to actually get to the response towards the allegation, and just says "I don't have any recollection of this happening." This is legitimately so infuriating it's unreal. The fact that Leffen confirmed you look at hentai with people you barely know completely contradicts what you said about this being "out of character" for you to do.

Not even mentioning the other allegations coming out against this man... the way this was handled in such a round-about, manipulative way to get out of being held accountable for your actions, and the fact that it worked on your community after ALL OF THIS WEEK OF LEARNING NOT TO IDOLIZE PEOPLE, AND TO NOT TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEM. I really cannot believe I have to explain the blatant manipulation in Zero's post in response to Jisu, because it feels like no one is ever going to learn to grow and be better than this. I'm so disappointed in even some of my close friends falling for this gross display of privilege and power trying to shut down a victim's experience because YOU can't take responsibility for one fucking thing.

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