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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My experiences with @CrimsonBloood Daryeus Talley/NiGHTS/Arla Nadja/Mystic/Yato

For those who are in my server, you probably already know about this, but as for the general public I've kept quiet for quite some time now. Daryeus Eugene Talley, who I will be referring to as nights (his main alias, though he's had several), is a manipulative pedophile. I met him in a discord dedicated to the youtuber Quak. From his introduction he was always offputting, but it wasn't until we truly got to meet him that issues began to arise. For starters, he was a hyper-sexual person. Given that this was a smashtuber discord that obviously is populated with a lot of minors, we'd constantly have to tell him to stop. There's countless instances like that, but if I just included every time he's been weird or uncomfortable to be around this would be pages long, so I'll cut to the chase. NiGHTS has forced sexual discussions with me, and others. I will not go into extreme detail regarding the specific victims as, as of right now, I'm not sure if they'd like to be publicly mentioned. Regardless, they are okay with me using the screenshots I've gathered. At the time of my interactions with NiGHTS, I met him at the age of 14 (2017), and continued having interactions with him until I was 15. Throughout the time period in which we knew each other, he'd constantly bring up sexual relations he has and expect me to contribute. He'd ask me and others what sexual position we take, what our type is, etc. On numerous occasions, he asked me how large my penis was, and has even asked for pictures. He'd ask how much sex I have and how I like it. Most of this was in vc, and regardless of my clear discomfort with the topic he'd continue because he's socially inept and can't take a hint, and even when explicitly told to stop he'd just start up again the next day. He also successfully exchanged nudes with at minimum 3 other people, all minors aged 13, 14, and unknown (he claims younger than 15). This was all while NiGHTS was an adult who knew well what he was doing. He coaxed them into sending nudes, and even made it into a game, saying things like "let's play smash, loser sends the winner nudes." He also leaked 2 of his own sex tapes to us, and though the channel he put it in has since been deleted, I still have both of his sex tapes and several nudes from him he's sent me and other minors. He's also attempted to bribe and pay off several of us to remain silent, offering things like buying the fighters pass, a digital copy of ultimate, and money through paypal. After this happened, he later decided to threaten several of us with "legal action" for extortion. It got to a point where he was such a consistent nuisance despite us trying to speak up to server owners that I made my own server, dubbed pac shack, specifically to get away from him in early 2018. He's consistently threatened and insulted victims involved, which is included in the imgur link.

At the top of this twitlonger is an imgur link with numerous (though honestly not even close to all) of the screenshots kept against him as evidence. I'll explain each screenshot in order and give context, but before I continue keep in mind a large portion of his offenses were done in vc, and neither me nor other victims had the hindsight to record any of this. The evidence I've already gathered should be more than sufficient, though, and if not there's countless more screenshots I can collect, he's scum that's thrived for far too long.

1st screenshot: Nights asking me (pac) how big my dick is, despite my literally JUST saying I'm 15.

2nd screenshot: A screenshotted conversation I just took with one of his deleted accounts in which he's speaking vaguely to avoid accusations.

3rd screenshot: DMS from a victim I will not disclose in which NiGHTS is discussing sending nudes. Nudes were exchanged in this instance.

4th screenshot: NiGHTS admitting he's exchanged nudes with minors but trying to downplay it.

5th screenshot: NiGHTS' deleted account acknowledging that he is aware of the age differential, and continuing to ask for pictures.

6th screenshot: NiGHTS discussing sexual positions with a minor.

7th screenshot: NiGHTS admitting to sending nudes to a minor.

8th screenshot: Money received from NiGHTS to stay quiet about what he's done.

9th screenshot: NiGHTS' new twitter account recently discussing his hatred for some of his more vocal victims. Boo hoo.

10th screenshot: Victims in my server discussing NiGHTS' actions just over a year ago

11th screenshot: Just another case of us discussing how he's a pedo a year ago.

12th screenshot: The creation date of my discord, which was made specifically to get away from him since the server most of us met in for whatever reason allowed him to reside peacefully.

13th screenshot: Discussion two months ago about the sex tape NiGHTS leaked of himself.

14th screenshot: NiGHTS attempting to play smash under the conditions of loser sends the winners a "tease."

15th screenshot: NiGHTS mentioning how his paying for minors to keep their mouth shut is somehow extortion/coercion. There are more concrete examples of him threatening action, but as of right now I cannot find them within my 10k+ camera roll.

Ultimately, NiGHTS is a disgusting pedo and I've been quiet about this for too long. I am aware he competes in his local scene in nc, and if possible I'd love to be able to contact TOs in that region. My DMS are open.

Also, though unrelated, I ironically enough have 2 pictures of him with community figureheads that later became outed as sexual predators. Must be contagious.

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