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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My thoughts about Jisu/Zero. It's simply a long nuanced post with some more info

First off I want to be clear and state my biases: I know both Jisu and Zero, but I haven't spent a ton of time with either. I think highly of both of them however and I'd like to remain friends with both after this as well, so you can put your pitchforks down if you were expecting anything like that.

First off: anyone who thinks Jisu's allegations is some "gotcha" thing where she is trying to get clout or use this "movement" for her own purpose is completely in the wrong. A simple check on her history coming forward for these things show how wrong that is honestly.
Anyone harassing her for sharing her side is dead to me.

Furthermore she messaged me yesterday and asked for advice for how to deal with this very nuanced situation about Zero and if she should say something. We don't talk much to be clear but she said she trusted my judgement (not sure I'm deserving of it) so I tried my best to give her advice.
We talked for a bit and we both agreed that it was a very nuanced situation, and I think from my conversations with her that it was clear that Jisu did not do this to try to "cancel" Zero, but rather to simply to show that he was not as innocent as he claimed and maybe to try to make him see what he has done to contribute to the general culture. To be clear however, I have no knowledge on what specifically occured, or what Jisu meant specifically with "constantly harassed".

Second, I've visited Sky's house a few times and I saw nothing outright wrong, but I do think that if we can learn anything from the many allegations that's come out is that this shit is not one person doing something wrong completely isolated and at random - most of the people with allegations against them are good friends and lived together at occasions.
Now, to be very clear, I don't think that Zero is at all guilty of anything remotely comparable to what for example Keitaro has already admitted to, but I think its still worth mentioning that its definitely not out of question that because of living in this house that the type of behavior led to other, smaller stuff like showing hentai being normalized.

Lastly, I'd like to tell you all of the time I first met Zero. I've told this story before on stream but I think its relevant so I'll tell it again.
It was Apex 2013, Zero and a few other japanese smashers came over to where we were housed with many other smashers and played. I didn't talk to them at all, but at one point someone brought out a laptop and zero and one or two japanese smashers sat down on my sleeping bag, one of them hugged my pillow and they started showing each others very explicit pictures of their favorite anime waifus.
I remember distinctly that it one of them showed pictures of the girl from Oreimo (...popular incest anime... and yeah that was very common and accepted at the time, so I don't judge that particularly harshly now) and remember being disturbed, especially since they were doing that by my stuff.

It didn't last very long, they eventually stopped, and I didn't say anything and I kinda just laughed it off - it didn't traumatize me and I don't hold it against Zero in any other way than that it does make Jisus story about showing off hentai on the big screen more credible.

Zero wrote in his statement "Hentai is something I do look at, but again - I would not be looking at it in a room full of roommates," - which simply stood out to me since he was willing to do it in a room full of people he had never met, although this was earlier than when Jisu/Zero lived together.

Again, I do not know what the specifics of their relationship was, and I don't know what transpired. I simply wanted to say my part and hope clarify the situation a little bit.
I do not want to "cancel" zero or think he deserves to be, but I do think that it's very important to show accountability and realize how you've contributed to the culture that allows such awful things to happen - this is something I've had to face myself on too, attending hotel room parties and house parties and not making sure everyone drinking is of age for example.

If what Jisu said is true then I think its good if Zero acknowledges his past mistakes (again, this is several years ago now) and tries to truly learn from them. With the current information we/I have on what transpired, that is all I want as his friend.

I'm sorry this has been a lot of words without any clear conclusions, but I just think this is a very very nuanced situation. I feel like if we want this to change for the better then we need to assess all inappropriate behavior, not just the big obviously wrong things. They all lay the foundation that enables predators. Let's do better together.


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