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MDVA Melee, OES | Milkman and Bigotry.

MDVA Smash has a ton of issues. Rumors about Cinnpie and Puppeh have been floating around for years, Boss stole tons of shit from tournaments, BBB has been a national display of bigotry and embarrassment for MDVA, and all the other things that are known about MDVA. The one big problem we have right now is complacency, which is the point of this twitlonger. MDVA is far too complacent with shitty and toxic behavior. Zain taking the step to care more about the out-of-game factors of the community is a huge step forward, but the entire scene needs to take a step forward.

OES | Milkman has been top 100 since 2014 and has built up a reputation as a nice dude who happens to be gay in MDVA. Milkman is a transphobe and has used his status to be able to act this way. The following incident I'm going to bring to light is one involving me, milkman and a trans smasher who has given me permission to use their screenshots named kingkiller. The imgur links will be posted in chronological order.

I want to get back to kingkiller's last point later, this is where I stepped in. Around the same time (same day according to the timestamps), I called him out and started an argument in the MDVA Melee Discord.

He had the same nickname in the rva discord at the time, and that's what I brought to attention

When this happened, this was the way MDVA reacted...

TKK Being the most active mod of MDVA Melee Discord held a lot of power, and he handled it... very poorly. Even banning another trans smasher in the region for "being annoying" when she was being vocal about Milkman's transphobia.

Given the way MDVA reacted by going full popcorn mode, as well as their sentiment being "yea that's just milkman, what are we gonna do?"

I am thoroughly convinced that in the face of harrassment and bigotry, mdva will do nothing. The issues with BBB, Cinnpie, Boss and Promaelia have been talked about to death in the past few days, but before then, nothing (even though there were at least rumors, if not, everyone knew of it).

When this all happened in December 2019, I wanted to speak out then, but I was silenced by the fear of a giant that is Milkman and the rest of the scene siding with him. Now that the community is starting to become more perceptive to the needs and the voice of the marginalized and abused in the broader smash community, I feel more comfortable using my voice on this matter. Thank you for reading.

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