Rebecca "BEXY" Koehler

First, if you're a family member reading this, don't proceed. I'm not ready to talk to you about this, and I'm not sure when I will be. Please respect my boundaries, thank you.

Before I say anything, I want to address my previous twitlonger about this whole situation I made back in February, where I blatantly lied in it to try to save her reputation and not make her face charges or anything of the sort. The thing with being groomed in most cases is that you don’t realize it happened until a while after. The part of the twitlonger where I said:

"The second part I want to address is Bexy. I see a lot of people calling her a "r*pist" or a "pr*dator" which neither are true. It hurts me seeing her get attacked when she did little to nothing wrong. She isn't anything I see people calling her, because it was all mutual between both of us. I don't believe she should be cancelled or reported for what she did. I was completely consenting to whatever we were doing and the people who spun it to make her look bad are beyond disrespectful." mostly not true. I lied about pretty much everything except Rebecca not being a rapist (because she never raped me) to help Rebecca so she wouldn’t face severe consequences. To add on, I’d like to apologize for writing something like this off as “twitter drama” when it’s much more serious.

Now that 5 months have passed, I finally realized what happened: I was groomed.

At the time we started texting, I had recently gotten out of a terrible and abusive irl relationship. Rebecca essentially texted very often, and it started out as platonic conversation. We started to flirt on twitter mostly as jokes, but it got more serious as we went into DMs with it. I let her make advances on me because it filled a hole, it comforted me. Rebecca provided emotional support and motivation during a hard time of my life where I was getting through a hard school year and getting over a bad relationship. Looking back on it, she took advantage of my loneliness and desperation at the time. Even if I made some advances, or flirted back, she is an adult and should know better. At one point, she did ask me to stop flirting with her on twitter, to which I obliged, only for her to say “jk lololol” and go back on it. Screenshots

She did MUCH more than just sending me nudes. These screenshots show her two main dynamics: one saying, “he’s a minor and I shouldn’t be doing this” and the other which is doing exactly the opposite. As you can see, her words are a lot different than her actions. Looking back on these screenshots, they make me beyond uncomfortable.

Initially, the self-blame that was brought upon myself led to me writing that first twitlonger as a cover-up to protect Rebecca. And in the long term, I constantly battled my own thoughts on whether defending her in my first response was the right thing to do, and when people in the community started to attack her again after realizing she still groomed a minor, at the time I felt as if I failed in defending Rebecca’s reputation, when in reality, she was in the wrong, and manipulated me into thinking that she did nothing wrong.

As of the time I’m writing this, I know she has been banned from a few locals in her state due to the topic coming back up. Thanks to those Louisiana TOs, and I hope the community does the same.

If you read this far, I want to say thank you for hearing me out. Get these pedos and abusers etc the fuck out of the community.

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