Anita Sexually harassed me on multiple occasions

I have been sick to my stomach thinking for years if I could say something, I had no power to other than try to warn friends of mine. I can't remain silent anymore

Anita used to be a good friend in our circle, we used to hang out alot back in smash 4 days at my house. However as time passed she began to drink alot and often there. It went from a good friendship to many advances I wasn't interested in. I make it very clear to me not wanting anything to do with the sex talk she constantly brought up. Even mentioned we are good friends to the response of being pulled back into the room. Repeatedly I tried to go to bed while you wouldn't stop pulling me, repeatedly I tried to sleep while you drunk with a bowl full of wine entered my room and slapt my ass. REPEATEDLY I asked you to get out and you just giggled at me. I asked what do you want to you drunk dancing response of "You know what I want."
You find me at Shine 2017 in the back room playing friendlies to bring up "UH its been so long I had sex." To me hearing about you wondering if I was asexual cause I was interested.

You then approach me at shine last year to ask if we are ok even though I'm always trying to keep my distance and putting me in front of others I call friends and having to lie saying "yea we are ok"

WE ARE NOT OK! To all my friends I tried to give passive warnings about I'm sorry I couldn't say enough. I had no idea how to come forward with this as this never happened to me before. I love the scene and didn't want to leave it so I just kept my distance and tried to remain ok. For the first time in a long time I am ok.

I am sorry for whoever this hurts and who noticed my passive need to get away from her and made them feel uncomfortable in my haste. There is a reason I stepped away from weeklies for a long stretch years ago.

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