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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My experiences with Frost

TW: Attempted Rape

So, I just wanted to start by saying that I never really intended to come out on this. To me, (being gaslit through the whole thing), I felt like the situation was my fault somehow and also "wasn't important enough" to speak up about it.

My whole encounter with Frost started back in 2017. This was before I was "Nem Graphics", or anything related to art at all and I didn't have a lot of self confidence. It was during this time that Frost and I were sort of "seeing" each other, but not really like boyfriend and girlfriend at all. We had a casual relationship for one week. I also want to point out, I'd never had a casual relationship like that before. It's not really like me. It bothered me that he did not want to call us bf/gf, and didn't want to do anything in public.

Well, the encounter happened when I was at a 4th of July party back in 2017. I had been heavily drinking, to the point where I was very visibly drunk. It was a smash party so mostly everyone was just playing smash, which I started off the party doing. Later on, I ended up being pulled away by Frost to the hallway, where he just started making out with me. It was kind of out of the blue, but I couldn't say that I didn't like it. The kissing here was consensual, but just know that at the time I was still extremely drunk. Also know, this is very important, HE WAS NOT INTOXICATED during this time. Fully coherent. He might've been drinking slightly but it was nowhere near drunk, he wasn't stumbling or slurring words or anything.

It was during this time that he chose to take me to the back of the hall, to the furthest room in the house in the back. This was my friend's room that had invited me to the party. I was virtually a dead body at this point, barely able to really do anything. I can remember that he laid me out on the bed, and went up to lock the door. That's when he got on top of me and started grinding on me and touching me. I was too drunk to really tell what was going on at all, and definitely didn't remember him asking me if anything was "okay" or if I was comfortable. It didn't seem like he was taking his time either, a lot of it was very sudden.

That's when we both heard a banging on our door. It was the house owner, a girl let's just call "C". Well, C was threatening to break the door down and use a lockpick. Frost obviously didn't unlock the door during this. I honestly don't remember much about what Frost was doing during that time that C was banging and I don't know how much time had passed. In a few more minutes, C unlocked the door with a lockpick. Turns out she was a locksmith in the past which was very convenient haha.

After that situation, I was okay and didn't really have anything else happen to me that night. All I know is that I never really gave consent for what was happening, as I was pretty much too drunk to say anything while all of it was happening. Just for more info, here are a few screenshots I have of the next day conversation I had with Frost, and kinda further proves that his mentality over what happened was skewed.

After all of this happened, I broke up with him and haven't really thought about it until now with everything that's happening. I feel like the reason why I didn't report this sooner is that somehow I felt like it wasn't important enough. Because I didn't think a little grinding or an ass grab was "that bad". That somehow my experience was insignificant to what other people had been experiencing. But the reason why I'm coming out now is that... unfortunately he's done this to other women as well. I want to make sure that he never does this to anyone else.

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