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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Talking about Frost

I really didn't want to talk about this. This hits too close to me. I'm really done watching him fucking over me, my friends, and the community I care about.

Frost has shown multiple scenarios of obsessive nature and sexual deviance with women in the Smash scene. He has also shown a lot of over physical motions toward me as well, multiple times, after we have told him to stop.

A lot of the people he has interacted with want to remain anonymous. I'm just acting as the voice, because I understand, and feel the pain they go through when thinking about him.

But first, my experience.

I'm not good when it comes to my feelings. Anyone close to me knows this. I did have feelings for Frost for some time. He gave me attention, compliments, hugged me, and was my static doubles partner for Smash 4 and a bit of Ultimate.
He started to show a lot of physical affection towards me. (Pick me up, hug me, spin me around), all the time in public. I was infatuated by this at the time, but as it continued he would always front it with "No Homo", and make it a point to say how he was not gay. I never once questioned him on his sexuality, and a lot of our conversations I will leave private for my own sake. I am still very ashamed that I let myself fall for him. I was weak, and a coward.

I'm not a coward anymore.

I confronted frost about how if he doesnt feel that way about me to stop showing me all this physical affection. It made me confused and uncomfortable. He agreed but the physicality never stopped, almost like he just ignored everything I said. I thought i could tell him this in confidence in order to stop this from happening. Frost betrayed my trust when he messaged group chats screenshots of when I told him about the feelings I had for him. I'm glad I had friends in those chats who reported this to me when it happened. I cried a lot of tears for what he did to me, and how he humiliated me. I was ashamed.

To be honest, I'm not here to bash Frost for betraying my trust. I'm here to talk about his abuse of Female DFW Smash community memebers.

One of Frosts victims will be releasing a statement about her experience soon, but I need to talk about my side of /this/ story for relevance. For now we will call her V.

I had a birthday party back in 2017. A lot of other Smash people will probably remember this party.

Frost was in attendance, and at the time he was dating V. There was a lot of drinking at this party myself included. I was trying to be a good host and make sure everyone was having a good time. During this time, Frost took advantage of V, and took her while she was trunk to MY OWN ROOM, and locked the door.

The landlord, a friend of ours, came to me during the party and asked where V and Frost were. I had no idea. We went around and checked and that's when we found my room locked. He demanded frost to open the door. He hesitated, and didn't do it. So the landlord went and got her lock-pick. Only when she began to pick the lock did he open the door. We found V drunk with a sober Frost. We told him he needed to leave.
Unfortunately the story of V and frost doesn't end there, but you will hear from her soon.
There will be receipts once her statement is ready. I will be personally retweeting for relevance.

Things do not end there unfortunately.

@DairBair asked to have her statement shared here as well:


"From the first time I ever met frost he has given off a creepy, sleazy vibe. At first, I tried to play it off as, “oh he’s just one of those guys who thinks he’s a player, but he’s harmless”. But then I started noticing troubling behavior that crept up to the line of what is considered socially acceptable. He would flirt with every girl he interacted with at cidercade, linger too long when giving hugs, hold on to your arm when he was speaking to you, etc. Again, I downplayed these at the time because hey we are at a bar and this guys just a flirt, yeah?

I really wish I had stopped associating him then and there because one of the next times we hung out he crossed the line big time.

It was New Year’s Eve and me, some others from cidercade, and frost all went to a local barcade to celebrate. I had hung out with this group numerous times (frost included) and felt comfortable around them. I first noticed something not quite right when he kept going off to his car to go sneak a drink. We were already at a bar drinking, so the fact that he wanted to double down on getting drunk is really telling. Before midnight he was having trouble walking and talking and was belligerent.

I used to be around lots of very drunk people so I was worried. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I went to go check on him. At this point he proceeded to reach out his hand and grope my breast. I quickly pushed him off at the time and walked away. I tried to make excuses for it, rationalizing with thoughts of “oh it’s not his fault he’s just really drunk he didn’t mean it.” Or “oh well he’s a guy and you are wearing a very low cut top after all.”

But then, later that night he proceeded to grope me again and this time attempt to make out with me. I once again quickly pushed him off of me. We were in a loud crowded bar and at this point everyone was very drunk so I don’t exactly remember what happened. I just felt very uncomfortable around him at that moment and wanted to leave. Soon, he was puking his guts out in the bathroom and what he did to me kind of went on the back burner.

At first, what he did really didn’t bother me much. But, I think, I was trying real hard to downplay it because 1) I didn’t want my New Years to be ruined and 2) I didn’t want to think I was effected by the experience. Unfortunately I, like so many women, have been inappropriately touched by drunk assholes many times, so I chalked it up to, “oh this has happened to you before Dair. It just happens. People drink and do things they don’t mean”. But after seeing all the awful experiences in the smash community be brought to light these past few days and seeing people try to use alcohol as an excuse to justify their actions, I felt like I should speak up. In addition, I have talked to others in our local community and found out (not to my surprise at all) that frost has a history of creepy behavior. Personally, I don’t think he should be allowed at any events with alcohol, but that’s not my decision to make. "


I know for certain there are more stories to tell, and I'm trying my best to speak with everyone I can. I'm going to post this for now just to make sure people understand this happened. TwitLonger is new for me. A lot of the evidence I couldn't include due to the wishes of the Victims wanting to come forward with their own stories soon.

Please stay tuned for when they are ready.

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