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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

The Rights and the Wrongs my perspective of RockCrock vs. ChemX and my Sister.

A long long time ago in the smash community there was a lot of that went on. I'm going to preface this conversation with a few things.

I do not condone the actions of others, I do believe if someone comes forward to an accusation it should be investigated not ignored or slandered. I do believe during investigations everyone involved privacy should be held with a certain level of level of integrity. I'm certain both ChemX and RockCrock have dozens, maybe hundreds possibly even over a thousand people talking about their lives, opinions flying everywhere with no where solid to keep things under control. I wish everyone who isn't directly involved, those who don't know RockCrock or ChemX to keep the hate to themselves and respect that they're people and have lives. Give them space while those involved investigate, determine and come up with solutions to what is being brought to the public. I am in no way accusing ChemX of anything, I am not calling her a liar, I am not posting this to defame, demean or hurt her credibility in anyway just simply to share what I've seen and to shed some light on the situation involving my family.

Due to the nature of this topic being over 7-8 years ago... my memory on everything is a little fuzzy on the details but I'll do my best from my personal interactions with them as a couple and then as well as put an end to anything involving my sister who was (15) years old at the time that RockCrock was talking to her inappropriately and trying to get close to her on an intimate level.

I spent a lot of time with RockCrock and ChemX in and out of the smash community I've been close friends with RockCrocks family since 2007ish. From my observation I think both ChemX and RockCrock were fairly new to the dating world as a whole and tbh at times was cringey but it was cute in an awkward kind of way its hard to describe I suppose. RockCrock, ChemX and I routinely spent time together we went to mini golf courses, out to eat, and we went to an a day to remember concert.

During the times that I spent with them I never heard RockCrock tell Chem how to eat, how to dress or how to act. I'm not saying these things didn't happen but I didn't see or hear anything in that nature or context. ChemX would talk to me about things and I'd answer and talk as much as I could I was always an open unbias'd ear to her during our friendship. I don't hold much against others about their relationships every relationship has very rough times, arguments and can have just as much bad as they do good. I personally rarely saw the bad I only heard about the bad on occasion and what I wrote off as general relationship issues that everyone goes through. There was no extreme red flags or concerns at that time.

The story she wrote about the 14-15 year old he had a weird relationship with was referring to my sister who is in no way connected to the smash community except through me as I've been apart of it since 2005 and she has only attended one event in all of that time.

My Sister was a very outgoing, rambunctious, hyper active, very flirty teenager. If I showed you a picture of what she looked like at this time you'd think she was at least in her early 20s and is easily mistaken for looking and seeming older than she is due her maturity and her appearance. She grew up with (4) older brothers she adopted all of my friends back home in Pennsylvania and in Florida anyone associated with me she automatically attached herself to them and decided to they were her friend as well.

Fast forward to the one time RockCrock ever met my sister in person. It was at a SmashBBQ. We held them annually in Gainesville Florida where we got all of our friends who played smash in and out of town to spend an entire day where we cooked, went swimming, played basketball and then STD. (Smashed Til Dawn) STD was a very popular common term back then. At this SBQ My mother, my best friend from Pennsylvania who I'll refer to as B and another friend of mine and my sisters who I will refer to as C were also there. My mother drove my Sister, B and C down from pennsylvania to visit me and bring my friends and sister to enjoy the SBQ with us.

RockCrock and my sister in no surprise to me at all hit it off really well they were laughing, joking, splashing around in the pool and were very close. None of that was a red flag or alarmed me in anyway my sister again hyper social girl who attached herself to anyone I said was my friend tried to get to know RockCrock and be close with him I told her that he's one of if not my closest Florida friend at the time. If at any time my sister had felt uncomfortable, creeped out, or that someone was trying to physically do things to or with her she had a lot of people around for her to go to. My Mother, My best friend our other friend and I were all close by at all times. We're all hillbillies from the middle of no where pennsylvania we're all scrappers and aren't afraid to step up in times where something is happening. If RockCrock had done anything that would've set my sister into a panic, made her uncomfortable or had touched her inappropriately he would've had a lot of red neck justice down his throat and it wouldn't of ended well for him.

The only reason ChemX found out about my sister and RockCrocks "inappropriate" conversations was her looking through his messages. At the time it did look or feel strange and I confronted RockCrock and my sister about it. RockCrock jokingly since he had a nature of having a smirk and joking even in serious situations said I thought she was hot I wanted to have sex with her! Which I can say with absolute certainty now looking back on my old messages with him and my sister that this couldn't have been more joke to make me feel weird than anything else. My sister who wrote her own response to this story which i'll share at the end of all of this. When I confronted her about the messages and RockCrock potentially trying to get close to her she laughed histerically at me and then said eww no. never. She confirmed with absolute honesty that even if by chance RockCrock and her found themselves alone which was impossible that day given there was a lot of people including myself and my mother that no physical contact would've ever been made.

The biggest reason I hate that this story was brought up from the dead is not only does ChemX only know about it due to snooping through someone elses messages I hate that it was never a real issue to begin with. It was something internal that was settled internally upon being investigated by myself. I think it was very unfair of ChemX to use my sisters story in her twitlonger about RockCrock as a person because my sister as a person see's anyone i'm friends with automatically as a family member. If this was a real issue or concern it would've been handled and settled 7-8 years ago when the conversations came up. I do think ChemX is a good friend to have warned me that what she witnessed made her feel uncomfortable and from her perspective I don't blame her for that!

I think ChemX owes my sister an apology for using her story especially after never meeting her in person, never spoke with her in her life, and didn't even know she existed until today 7/02/2020. I think ChemX from her perspective saw something that looked very uncomfortable and was being a good friend by warning me and telling me but even at that time it had all been internally talked about and my sister can speak for herself upon all of that i'll get to in a moment.

Today 2020, RockCrock through the years has been a very good friend to me and continues to be a very good friend to the Strenko family as a whole. I wish ChemX the best of luck in her accusations and the investigations against RockCrock. I don't think she has any reason to lie about anything in her post but I also don't understand why this is all coming out now in the future when RockCrock barely if at all interacts with the community and the situations involving my family not only were proved to be innocent and written off but now my sister who has no clue who ChemX is at all has to spend the entire day today trying to tell everyone how she feels about RockCrock as a person and the details of their "relationship"

This is my sisters response to the original post;

" My response to Chemx as the unnamed underage teenager from her story

I'd like to begin by saying I hate twitter but I only have an account to read and respond to political tweets. I never thought I'd have to actually use it for something like this.

When I met RockCrock he was nice and helpful. He never made me feel uncomfortable or pushed his own agenda onto me. I always acted older I have 4 older brothers I became mature at a young age and I looked older than I was. There was joking and "flirting" but never anything serious or with any intent what so ever. He was just my older brothers friend who we ended up becoming friends as well and if ChemX saw our friendship as more than that shes very ignorant and I never met her or saw her in real life I didn't even know who she was until TODAY 7/2/2020.

So for her to use my story as a catalyst for her outing RockCrock as a pedophile is disgusting beyond words and had no business using me my story or anything involving ME in her posts. It all needed to stay her experiences and what she saw and felt when it came to discussing RockCrock to everyone that she felt the need to make a twitlonger about him.

Since I've I have spoken out against her using me she has blocked me on twitter so I can no longer stop her from spreading these false accusations! She keeps saying that you don't have to believe me to my brother but its MY STORY WHY WOULD RENTH OR ANYONE ELSE BELIEVE HER OVER ME WHEN IT DIRECTLY IS MY LIFE MY STORY SITUATIONS!!!!!

RockCrock has never made me feel uncomfortable or taken out anything too far and for her to try and use me against MY WISHES TO FUEL HER SLANDER AGAINST HIM IS COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE AND I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPOKEN TO WELL BEFORE THIS POST WAS MADE TO CLEAR THINGS UP! but I was never even contacted.

I'm sorry about her situation and what happened with her and RockCrock but she has no right or use my story to paint RockCrock has a pedophile. I hope she finds whatever it is she was trying to get out of "outing" him to the community but don't use me, my story, or anything involving my family in your sick plan to make a person whos never done wrong to me even when i was 14 years old to make him look like a pedophile. "

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