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There are two parts in this post. The Melee player known as "Skittles" from LA. The 2nd part is for Caitlin Eberhardt aka "sheik." This post is not meant to target and belittle either of these two, but to bring my perspective to the story and facts as well. It's dishonest just listening to one side of the story if you have the chance to listen to both, so here's mine:

Part 1: Skittles & Violence

I've interacted w/ Skittles a handful of times during tournaments and even on twitch. We usually would just small talk, but never engage into any kind of long conversation. I know he's a pretty quiet kid, and yes, he's pretty young. Being young is not an excuse in this situation. He has taken things out of context before, but recently, he's been harassing me nonstop and wants to get me canceled. Here's the discord message that set him off.

Everyone that follows me, knows that I'm an advocate of speaking your mind/own opinion, so that's some knowledge for you before I address this. I posted this because it is terrible. Everyone is getting canceled, whether it be just or not. Canceled and banned are basically synonymous at the moment in my point of view, even though I've addressed it differently recently. "Dope!" was my way of being sarcastic, because at the time, I had no idea if it was true. I like to take things into consideration, especially if it's serious. In this case, SleepyK deleted Twitter and admitted to it before the fact, so case closed. I think you should listen to what people say, but also, have an open mind for the other side. I still believe in "innocent until proven guilty." But I am sad to hear that prominent figures in the Smash Community would even try that. Also sad to hear what happened, so my heart goes out to all victims recently.

People are being called out for various things, but there are A LOT of people that love to instigate. Whenever something is said that's "controversial" aka not going with their narrative, they will chase after you w/ ad hominems. In this shot, Skittles calls me a bigot and a piece of fecal matter (I don't like cursing). There has also been violence incited against me as well:

I'm neither a bigot, piece of fecal matter, pedo supporter or transphobic. Him and others have claimed that I'm all of these due to past comments. He's also blocked me on Twitter and posted all those heinous claims w/o my knowledge.

I've addressed everything already. I'm not a bigot, I treat everyone w/ respect unless you disrespect. I'm not fecal matter, self explanatory. Not a pedo supporter, since I don't agree w/ SleepyK's actions at all and that's disgusting. I recently addressed me being Transphobic, but that's not true. I've known Magi and Jade for a while now, and have always treated both of them w/ respect, not because they're Trans, just because everyone should be treated w/ respect, or at least mutual. I actually have love for everyone, and always have. My past comment might've been in bad taste to a lot of people, but I've changed my point of views in a lot of things. I also will never condone violence when it comes to anyone! You all should do the same.

This person and someone else on twitter said they wanted to fight me for having differing opinions or it's just their impulsive responses. Inciting violence is barbaric, unless it's in self defense. So instead of fighting, use your words. I just have been called terrible names without full context of conversations and messages and that's the point! It's to show you my perspective and what I've been dealing with.

All in all, I'm not mad for people having opinions of others, I think that's what makes this country great. Freedom of Speech. But don't go around spreading lies and hyperbolic "statements" or out of context messages. That's how you cancel the WRONG people. Ask questions! Get both sides of the story! OK! On to the next one!

Part 2: sheik

A decent amount of things sheik said was true, but some don't have enough context to them. I'll shadow some of her responses with my own.

First off, she admitted herself, "I had an interest in him" and backs it up w/ "I look up to him." I felt like she did have a genuine interest in me at the time, but that's all speculation. She did say she felt validated due to me being "kind of a big deal," so her response has intent for something. Not sure what it'd be besides maybe being interested like she says.

She said I made jokes about her age, well yes that's true. She has the pictures to back it up as well. She joked about looking younger than she actually was and I obliged the joke and exaggerated. This was in no way to support that I "wish she was younger" or some weird fantasy she was interpreting.

The military response she had, I have no idea what she's talking about. This was years ago and I don't remember talking too much about that stuff at the time. I know for a fact I never asked her to move away with me if that's what she's trying to say. I never even hung out w/ her outside of the monthly she/I attended. I only talked to her a few times, mo I asked a decent amount of times because I'd like one on one time w/ someone I'm interested in, I don't think that's weird at all. Especially since I always asked just to eat or the movies, somewhere public. Not like I asked her to come to my pad or something.

I had her on Snapchat, like she said, and I was texting her through the app. She addressed she was at the beach and I said something (replying to her story picture) along the lines as, "bet everyone's looking at you lol." So yes, flirty talk. We continue to talk and she eventually flirts back as well w/ a "(;" eventually. I don't like to assume, but at the time, that meant she was into our conversation at least. It was either right before that wink face response, she sends a picture in her bikini, but one just for me. That w/ her wink face response really thought she was into it and yes, I sent her the explicit pic. She definitely did entice me at the time and teased me sexually. Along w/ not having Snapchat and having a new phone, I don't have that full conversation anymore. But we talked a few more times after and she eventually stopped responding.

I never looked at her as a sex object as she claims. I never even said anything mean to her, unless it was a joke, which from her responses, she didn't understand mine at the time. I never told her to send sexy pictures of her or anything. The fact is, she was 19. This is no way creepy. It would've been "creepy" if she was 17 and under. I didn't groom her or anything, she's an adult in college.

When I showed up to almost every monthly, I felt just as uncomfortable as her. She didn't respond, so I had this awkward feeling. I wouldn't even have small talk to her unless needed. We went our separate ways like that. I never hounded her or forced myself to talk to her, anyone there can vouch for that. It was only casual.

She did address that Rae and Patrick are her friends still today and she didn't agree w/ what she did, BUT she said, "I really, truly believe they are not the same people. Both of them have apologized, and I have found closure in all of this. I do not believe that Patrick or Rae are bad people at all, and like all humans they've made mistakes." This is a good take, but also implies bias. You don't think I'm capable of changing either? She writes me off right before that as "bad and disgusting." Terrible characterizations and assuming I'm still that kind of person. But I do agree on her take as "And like many humans, they continue to grow." That should be practiced unless it's a very serious crime/threat/etc.

To finalize my thoughts on this. After she stopped coming to montlies for a while, then she came back several times w/ a new bf. She showed up w/ him a few times and that automatically separated me from her more, which was good. She definitely never looked uncomfortable, since I never even tried to talk to her that much during tournament, since I'm mainly there for competition. I felt very uncomfortable too. I'm not sure what made her bring up this story now, out of all times. I guess since people are coming forward more and because a lot of people don't like that I have opinions, so I'm an easy target. People have been trying to ban me, and I've only been nothing but nice to them whenever I see said individual in person.

I actually like people coming forward w/ these bad stories, but make sure they're true at least. Listen and consider other possibilities is what I'm saying. She was not completely false in what she said, but she was missing some details, that's why I'm here. I wish her the best and I have no hate towards her.

Hopefully everyone stays safe out there,

-one love

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