My story with Eden

I joined Comp. Smash in early 2019. I remember hearing about a local, and a few weeks later, I attended it. There are plenty of people that I met at such local, and some of which I maintain a friendship with.
Eden was an exception. He was just a dick. I don't know if he did this as much to anyone else, but all he did was talk shit about me. The only reason I was near him was because I talked to my friends who were part of FRND, which Eden has since been kicked out of.
I was never part of FRND, but some members were very supportive. Every local, I would really only talk to them.
But because of Eden, I started distancing myself from them a bit more in person. As of right now, I only talk to 1 of the 3 on a somewhat regular basis.
I never experienced anything sexual from Eden, nor have I heard about him doing anything until recently, but he very much verbally harassed me to the point where I was uncomfortable talking to our mutual friends.
These past 24-48 hours have been some of the hardest mentally in years. But now that everyone is coming out, I feel more comfortable saying this.
I know people won't believe me, and I don't blame you. I have little to no evidence except word from others. We didn't exchange any DMs because I never felt comfortable doing so.
I hope FRND and the other that witnessed this can back me up.
But Fuck you Eden, go to hell. You caused me pain. I almost completely dropped Smash because of you. If you ever return, I will be sure you wouldn't want to after that.

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