On Eden

A lot has happened over the past 24 hours, none of it being good unfortunately. I’m writing this post to address the allegations that have been made about Eden. Honestly, I’m baffled. I first met Eden at Off the Rails last summer, and he had already made friendly ties with many people in the community because he went to Smashcode every week, the biggest GA local at the time. Fast-forward about 2-3 months, the rest of FRND and I saw him as a good person and decided to let him join the crew. While he was in the crew, the events transpired that he is guilty of. Not ONCE did Eden EVER bring up anything about these to anyone in the crew. Personally, I was always suspicious about him when I first started hearing rumors and gossip about what he did, but not once did he ever bring it up. Again, fast-forward to this week. I received the first hard evidence from one of Eden’s victims. It shocked me. My heart sank as I read the messages, it made me sick to my stomach. I brought it up to FRND and we decided together that Eden would be permanently banned from FRND for his actions. A groupchat was then made with Eden and he was informed that we were aware of what he had done, and that we decided to ban him. He never even responded in the chat at all. We were all very shocked and disgusted. It hurts to know that Eden was merely putting on a facade to hide what he had done in the past. It hurt to find out the truth and still does, what Eden did was horrible and uncalled for.

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