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2nd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Apology to KTDominate

To the members of the community,

There was a statement with regard to KTDominate at Smash The Record 2016. There are numerous accounts about what transpired at that event, and sadly that night I had zero recollection the next morning. I was at a party with everyone in a ballroom near the venue and woke up the next day alone in my room and bathroom being in disarray. I was only able to piece everything together via second-hand accounts. I can't even remember leaving the ballroom, nor when she left my room. I woke up with a splitting headache the next morning, speaking to a smasher who was knocking on my door, and never moved from my room since I had to call the hotel cleaners for the bathroom.

This is what makes the situation difficult, I can only take KTDominate's story, and when MVD reached out to me, I was shocked as I've never been in a situation like this ever before. With no memory to go off of, I am only beholden to them and their story. I wasn't aware if we had sex until I was told by MVD what transpired. When I heard what happened it pained me greatly to hear it, and I honestly was scared beyond belief to even speak to her since I didn't remember the story. KTDominate and MVD were going out at the time, and I was fully aware that my story wouldn't carry much weight so I decided that it was best to validate her feelings and apologize to her directly at a past EVO.

I spoke to MVD and Esam prior to the initial talk and apology. When I spoke to them we came to the conclusion that we, KTDominate and myself, were not sober and couldn't remember the situation. This made things extremely nebulous as I wasn't able to consent as well.
The reason I never spoke about this situation was that I can only go off of what other people told me, which is why it was hard for me to initially admit fault when approached by MVD. People made mention that I bragged about it to other people when this for a fact is not true. I never engaged in he-said, she-said talk. I remembered waking up the next morning, a smasher who will not be named came to my room, he asked, "What happened?" I replied, "I have no idea."
What made matters worse was the amount of drama she had to deal with from people who lied and claimed that I spread rumors. This led to her having issues going to locals in her region, due to people painting her in a negative light.

To reiterate, I couldn't consent to the act on my part, and everyone that knows me knows that I am not that kind of person. MVD was a great mediator and assisted with setting up the opportunity to clear the air. I could not provide a truth beyond what happened prior and after her being in my hotel room, all I could do was validate her feelings and apologize in the end.

To the members of the community that always say there are two sides to a story, here is mine. I was dealt with a situation where I can't defend myself and can only accept the realities that others have brought to my attention. I never bragged about her at all to anyone, this was a situation where I couldn't consent and woke up to a nightmare scenario. The story about me spreading rumors maliciously, and requesting for evidence to be deleted is not true. I sincerely apologize to KTDominate for any trauma that was incurred with this entire situation.

As a figurehead in the community, I understand that there is no excuse for my behaviors, and I understand that they were wrong. I should have never gotten so drunk that I couldn't remember these events in the first place.

I am so sorry to KTDominate for the pain I caused her as a result of this situation. I spent so much time feeling powerless over the situation and having anxiety because of it, but only now do I realize that the pain you must have been suffering the entire time was far greater.

I am also so sorry that our private resolution to the situation was so inadequate. It was never my intention to put you in a situation where you felt silenced and had to suffer in isolation, and I swear that I didn't mean to make you feel disregarded in this fashion.

In light of everything that is coming out right now, I beg everyone to please understand, this is not who I am.



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