I'm Tired of Living a Life of Lies

If you're a family member of mine, do NOT read this post. I am NOT ready to talk about this stuff with you. I don't know if I'll ever be.

I started playing in smash tournaments when I was 12 years old. 3 years later, when I was 15 years old, I had my first sexual encounter at a smash tournament. CEO Dreamland 2017 Friday night, April 14th, was the first time anything happened with Nairo, him being 20 years old at the time. Luckily I recorded all of my actions with someone on discord. They're verifiable with timestamps that coincide with others who I had messaged.

I am not posting this with the intention of canceling Nairo. I simply wish to tell the truth about what happened.

Even though in these messages I am the one initiating, I would just like to remind you I was 15 years old at the time. Nairo was 20, going on 21. I am not going to be manipulated into feeling like this was my fault any longer.

This album contains all of the evidence I have to share with everyone. I have asked for the consent of all persons I have screenshotted the conversations of, and blurred their names and profile pictures out. i described all of the events that transpired during the weekend of CEO Dreamland, and verified the actions with other references(a tweet, message, etc.)

This album ALSO contains all of the evidence that I have of Nairo and his brother sending me money to keep me quiet through Paypal. They attempted to use a fake Paypal name in hopes no one else would be able to track the money back to them HOWEVER I can verify that the "Jeremy Toga" Paypal was indeed Nairo's account by matching up the amount of money I had asked for with my text messages with Nairo. I was told that by "doing my part" by not telling anyone about our relations, i'd receive financial help from him. The first $2,000 that I was sent was equal to the amount that I would have received from my sponsorship had I not been dropped. This was after the Ally situation came to light, Nairo IMMEDIATELY started calling me because some people were trying to bring our situation to light. These are the July phone logs. The second phone logs(August 13th) are confirmation of him sending the $2,000 after calling me on the phone.

We started using phone calls as our only means of communication and he told me to delete my messages with him on every platform. My screenshots of the calls on messenger are
1. Because I haven't repaid my phone bill, so I only have wifi available on my phone. No cellular service.
2.The only messages I currently have of our messenger conversations. He called me today around 12:40 PM, and told me about @scraftpunk's twitter post. he told me to reply to the tweet what I did.
3. He called me right after he posted his tweet, then proceeded to repeatedly call me after I did not pick up his call.

Nairo did not run his exact wording by me for this tweet, and he painted me to be something completely different than what he told me he would say. https://twitter.com/NairoMK/status/1278505782254931968?s=20

I'm tired of living a life of lies. I'm tired of covering up for someone else's mistakes. I would like to say, however, that I never once threatened Nairo with coming public about my relations with him. The only reason I am saying my truth now is because I can't take it anymore. The stress of having this experience weighing on me for three years of my life is too much for me to bear. I would like to deeply apologize for lying to you all with my past tweets today, and I just ask for your forgiveness. I do not want to "cancel" Nairo, nor do I wish him ill in the slightest. I just want to live the truth.

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