Some thoughts

2 years ago, I've never been on a team for longer than a split. When I first talked with 100 Thieves, I made it clear that above all else I wanted a team that I could call home. First and foremost, I'm happy to have grown and matured as a person and player alongside a developing 100T, who have treated me like family.

2020 spring split had to have been one of the most meaningful experiences of my career. Chris told me he would make sure I finally got the opportunity to play my first full split of LCS, and it really meant a lot to me considering I've never really felt this trust and stability before. Honestly we weren't really a team that gelled naturally, but every single one of us worked so hard day in and day out to create the best version of our team that we could. This was the most "team"
I've felt from any team I've played with before; we had each others back in and out of game. We trusted our process and quietly ended 3rd after a rough start.

This summer we definitely didn't start where we left off, but I still had full faith in our ability to improve as a team and as individuals. Though I can understand the want for change and I acknowledge my poor performance had to do with it, I truly believed that if we stuck together we could make a resurgence in the standings just like we did in spring. It will be a big regret of mine that I will not be able to prove this.

I found out that I was completely off the team a couple hours after our loss. Honestly I was expecting it. I've been in this spot before, I could kinda see the signs. People start to act differently around you. When I started anticipating what would happen I started shaking, remembering all the times this has happened to me in the past.
But I realize its different now. I have my own place to live now, it wouldn't feel like I had nowhere to go if I was dropped. I know my friends are there to get me back on my feet when I'm feeling down. Public perception of me is poor right now, but that kind of thing flips like a switch the moment you start winning again.

Even though the ending wasn't how I would've wanted it, I still look back on my time spent on 100T very fondly. Met a lot of great people, got to travel, never had to shop for clothes, and even won a championship*!!!
Looking towards the future, I'll probably take some time to destress a bit, maybe pick up streaming again. But I'll definitely be on the lookout for team opportunities
if they arise as competing is still my passion.

On the bright side, we don't have to worry about who's Will and who's William anymore.

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