DIEGO · @diegosaurs

28th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Hey guys just wanted to clear here, I’ve been dropped from TSM which I understand.

This is due to some old pictures that resurfaced of me taking pictures with fans at meet and greets a few years back (I used to be a YouTuber vlog type kind) where I would kiss them on the cheek for a picture if they wanted or a stage kiss for a picture if they wanted, not every picture was like this of course, but if the fans wanted it, I would do it for their picture. I stopped doing it around 2017 because I got some flak for it and realized it was inappropriate. I understand why I was wrong and even if they wanted the picture I should have just said no and thought of a better pose or something.

I was definitely out of line for that, but please understand that it came from me knowing these people would spend hundred on tickets and travel very far to stand in a long line to meet you, I just wanted to make sure that the little time they spent with you they at least got what they wanted. That’s where the though of me doing it or the “what the fuck were you thinking?” That was it. Sorry to everyone at TSM for hurting the name, and sorry to my fans for letting you down. Love you all.

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