Jamie Krohn · @Jkrohn1

28th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Absolutely furious with @curryspcworld my oven broke last night at 5pm, ordered a new one today and collected which went great and was a great safe service. I get it home and get an electrician to attach the power, all seems fine, go through manual and leave on for an hour to burn off any manufacturing residue or dust, come back into the kitchen to find it smokey and a strong burning smell. I look inside the oven and the Fan is not spinning. I tried to call Currys from 13:00 - 15:45 and kept either getting disconnected or transferred to Beko who are not open on a Sunday. Finally, I get through to someone from Currys and explain I have two kids and have not had an oven for two days now, so I wanted to return it to the store to swap it for a working Oven, they tell me I have to go through the manufacturer in order to get a return number to return it to Currys. I asked what am I supposed to do about feeding my kids and what is the turnaround for repair, they said they don't know but it's a manufacturer problem. So I have been without an oven now for two days I am also unable to buy another oven so I can cook due to being on hold or disconnected for almost 5 hours. Worst service of any retailer I have ever had.

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