Posting this on behalf of someone who wishes to remain anonymous about Cas Anvar

I am sharing this post anonymously for someone who would like their voice to be heard about Cas Anvar.

"Because he and I had a very long “friendship” these things would oscillate. On multiple occasions when we planned to hang out, he’d invite me over, I’d get there thinking we were going to walk somewhere and get dinner or something.
But he’d give me the code to the front gate of the building and say “I don’t just give ANYBODY the code.”
So I’d go in then knock on his door and he’d tell me that the door is unlocked and to come In.

One time, I was trying to get together to have a talk with him about how I needed to cool it on hanging out so much especially since what he wanted and what I wanted were two different things. We had not slept together but he had tried a few times telling me that I was “a strong independent woman who deserved to have whoever I wanted.” And that “My body definitely wanted it.”
On this occasion, I specifically asked if we could get a coffee at a nearby place.
So I was pretty unhappy when he called me to walk to his room. I reluctantly walked in and found him lying in his bed nude. He tried to get me to join him and when I wouldn’t he got really angry.
I was in an emotional place recovering from something before meeting him. And I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. So I sat down and tried to make sure he wasn’t mad at me and didn’t feel bad about himself before I left. I wish I could remember what he said to me exactly but it was always in the realm of why we should be sleeping together and how he was a “Lion” and couldn’t be contained with just one woman. And that I should be the same way.

Another time he was in the shower when I arrived which was not what I had been expecting, either.
He asked me to come in the bathroom. I didn’t really want to but I peeked my head in to say hi. You’d think I’d know better by now!
He was pleasuring himself in the shower and when I said I wouldn’t join him he asked me to take off my top and show him “at least.” These things were happening when we had not been very intimate with one another at all.

It was like he was trying to force it on me."

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