jenna made a difficult decision this week. but it was the right one for her. for her mental health. and for her future. she has always been someone who i’ve watched deal with real life problems head on and i admire that about her. no matter how many times a person is faced with a hard decision and comes out the other end, the ones that lie ahead can be just as difficult. that’s life. jenna is the strongest person i know. but no single person is meant to handle the pressure of pleasing the entire internet week in and week out for a decade. the mental and emotional toll that takes. and the conflicting emotions at play when she inevitably makes the decision to step away. that decision has come. in addition to what jenna said in her video about her future on the /jennamarbles channel, there has also been the question of our shared podcast and twitch stream and how that is going to be moving forward. we don’t have a definite answer for you right now. but we kindly ask for some time and space to figure it all out. however long that takes.

this is a new chapter for jenna mourey. one that we are excited for. one that will allow her to feel like a person again. a person who can exist with the normal amounts of stress and pressure that life gives you. not the massive weight that’s found a cozy home on top of jenna marbles’ shoulders. if anyone deserves a walk into the sunset it’s jenna. she’s been a beacon of light for so many people. she’s shared her humility, kindness and love with all of you. she’s allowed you into her life with open arms and internet hugs. now it’s time jenna takes care of jenna.

i want to say a big thank you to all of our friends who have reached out in the last couple of days. we feel so much love and are fortunate to have all of you in our lives. jenna is also massively appreciative and overwhelmed with the messages from so many of you on here/yt/discord in the last day. i can’t thank you all enough for taking care of jenna during her time on youtube. it’s a wild experience to have the person you love most have so many people also care about her and show her the love you all have. for that, i’m forever grateful.

moving forward i have only one thing on my mind and that’s taking care of my person. she needs me and i’m going to be here for her. when i feel its time, I’ll be returning to the internet. for now i just want to say thank you for supporting jenna through thick and thin. you guys mean so much to us and we love you.


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