We failed you, I failed you

I am sorry it took so long for you to receive this. I can only express from the bottom of my heart that Method, and I have failed you. I will live with this for the rest of my life.

I will endeavour now to be as transparent as possible with everyone who has supported Method over the years and to give you all the full breakdown of events. Nothing below justifies mine or Method's inactions, but I hope only to give clarity so the community can go forward with full knowledge and begin to heal.

JAN 2019 EMAIL //
In January 2019, management received an email from a Jane Doe burner email address informing us of an allegation of illegal activity with a minor involving Josh sending explicit pictures and requesting explicit pictures. We believed such a substantial allegation had to be investigated by the police and that we were not equipped to deal with such a claim. We should have simultaneously conducted a more thorough investigation of our own.

We know there were a number of screenshots and clips of abhorrent behaviour being circulated around the community. This was heightened after the release of the Kotaku article in February 2019. Different members of management and the guild saw these to varying degrees. We gave Josh multiple warnings and believed he was capable of change; we acknowledge this was far from enough.

Six months later, management and the guild were made aware of a police investigation against Josh, reported to us by Josh himself.

With each allegation, including the investigation, we believed Josh when he said, adamantly, all allegations were false and the truth would come out. He was able to convince management and the guild at the time that he was not guilty, which resulted in Method allowing him to remain in the guild while the investigation was undertaken. In truth we had our head in the sand. We believed Josh.

In April 2020, Josh provided proof that the investigation had ended and that no further action would be taken against him. We believed that Josh’s adamant denial, along with the closure of the criminal investigation, lended legitimacy to his position; as a result, we sought to have his Twitch channel reinstated. This was declined and we presented him an opportunity to stream on an alternative platform.

After we learned of the first account on June 24 there was no longer room for doubt, we had finally seen the full depth of his depravity; no excuses or justifications could be made for Josh’s behaviour and we terminated him within the hour.

There have now been so many horrendous accounts that no amount of “I’m sorry” will ever relieve the amount of pain and suffering felt by his victims. In the last few days I have learned that historically, the system has failed victims of sexual abuse. Cases often go unreported due to fear and manipulation, and conviction rates are far lower than many other crimes. It was short-sighted and naive to think that deferring this to the authorities was enough action.

I’ll be taking all the necessary steps to ensure that our staff and talent, who had absolutely no part in this, receive all the support that they need. They are amongst the hardest workers in the industry and deserve every opportunity that comes their way. I understand and support their decision to step aside, this was management’s failure, not theirs.

Personally, I’ll be taking some time away to contemplate my future, as well as Method’s. For fifteen years I’ve worked with Method’s guild, staff, talent, and the World of Warcraft community. It has been the most meaningful experience of my life. You trusted me, I let you down. I’ll never forgive myself.

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