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25th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

mada not around for playoffs/ potentially FF playoffs.

I want to start off by providing clarity on how this situation has come to light.

Mada came to us last night on 6/24 letting us all know that he recently had a family member in Europe fall ill and that his family was weighing the option of making the travel to be around the family member in these tragic times.

I want to clear the air that not a single one of us are disappointed in mada in this situation and I think him being with his family is the most responsible thing in this situation. His "obligations" as our teammate and to the game DO NOT take priority over someones health and well-being. Mada is 16 years old and has plenty of time to play more counter strike matches and playoffs.

We immediately reached out to the appropriate ESEA staff and asked them if there were to be any exceptions so that we would not have to FF a potential 4th/5th place regular season run. They discussed this and felt that It was in the league's best interest to not allow us an emergency stand in or even allow us to re-add wippie to the roster to help us out. I understand that rules are to be followed, but I do believe this to be a less than ideal outcome given the situation. I asked the admin to even consult the other playoff teams and ask them if they felt at a disadvantage if we were to use a ringer and they felt that it wasn't appropriate given the outcome and recent drama that unfolded after the FURIA/MiBR game.

I'd like to add that we are in part to blame for not having an extra player on the roster but it is 100% safe to say that not a single one of us expected this to happen at this exact timing.

The only thing I ask is that mada is not given a hard time at all and that no one judge this situation from the outside NOT knowing everything that is going on with his family. The kid is 16 years old and is probably feeling bad as it is given the circumstances.

Thanks for every single person that supported us during regular season and that has supported our core for the past few seasons. Hopefully we can make this run next season and put ourselves back into playoffs. At this time we will just wait and see where fate takes us and how our season will play out.

Thanks so much,


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