My story. Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault involving Children

I've deleted this about 15 times so i'm just going to tell my story in the most direct way possible then talk about my feelings afterwards.

My "Grandpa"(Man who lived with my Grandmother) used to touch me as a kid. He would put his hands down my pants then pull them down, all the while making grotesque comments. I was 8 years old at the time and had no idea what was happening to me or what to do about it. It kept happening over and over-- until one day, it stopped; maybe I had grown a bit and the frail old man wouldn't test his luck. I can't guess at his motive or intent, but to this day I have never gotten closure from it. At this point, the only solace I could possibly have is if he would take accountability for his actions, but since his passing I no longer have that as an option.

I want to share my story in the hopes that anyone affected by similarly heinous crimes can potentially find the courage to speak out. I ask anyone who reads this to please be accepting and supportive of those who are finding the incredible bravery to share their stories. Lastly, a message for those survivors who are pushing through: you are not broken. Thank you.

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