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24th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Method Josh

Hi, I have seen posts from both my old guild discord and multiple class discords I am in about Method Josh. Sorry if I can’t articulate this properly.

I was 13 when he DM'd me. He knew me from a public WoW discord which I was in since 2016. He also knew one of my frens from my old guild. I personally know only of him harassing myself, my guildies, their friends, and other people from TankChat. I don’t want to speak on their behalf but I have seen him acting disrespectfully/harassing them directly.

I was active in TankChat since 2016 (when the main chat was public immediately/before it became opt-in), and during Winter Break/New Year’s people were VCing. He joined the VC and then DM’d me probably because I sounded like a girl, with the generic "hey do u wanna edate" type of messages. Everyone in TankChat knows my age, and when he was told (by myself and others) that I was 13 at the time, he backed off for a bit, but ultimately continued to DM me. I felt scared after he said he'd kill his dog which I honestly believed at the time, and that when I accepted his first private call. He again asked my age and I answered again, 13, and he said he didn’t believe me. I left and re-joined the VC in TankChat and he followed. He sometimes DM’d me the month after, but started talking as a regular in TankChat, and we made a joke out of him.

Another girl he harassed that I knew of was a healer in my guild during the end of Legion. They DM’d and he was also in their private discord and was pretty rude to the other members. One of their friends, was called the n word multiple times in DMs by him, and he insulted a lot of people in there. I left the discord when I blocked him, so I don’t have as many screenshots. (Their names are blocked out in different colors in the SSs below.)

It’s definitely more than social awkwardness, it’s an active choice to call a girl a whore or slut or say the n word. Asking me to VC repeatedly, calling me/all women evil (or worse) and also being possessive for no reason? He’s asked my age multiple times and each time I said how old I was and he continued to DM me until I blocked him.

This is leaking DMs and private discords but come on you’re using your main account that’s connected to your Twitch account and a brand. You said suspicious things in public discords as well, but people probably thought you were joking/memeing and wanted attention.

One of my friends tried to make a Google doc compiled with similar screenshots and submitted a report to Discord a few years ago in 2018 (I was 14 at the time), and nothing came of it. I was happy when my frens said that he finally banned off Twitch but I just try to ignore things like this in general and not think about it. The general uncaringness of people has made me hide my emotions and pretend to not care as well, before anyone calls me a stupid bitch or egirl. I just ignore it.

I am 16 now. A lot of my frens asked me to make a statement. The severity of his actions against me weren't as bad as other voices that have spoken up, but I would still like to post this.

Messages through DMs and public discords attached, below it is organized in chronological order.

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