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23rd Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

My experience with Mini Ladd, I was 17. (photos in replies)

When I was 16 I was a huge fan of Craig (@Miniladdd) and his friends. I had made a fan account for him on twitter to make friends with other people and became good friends with an amazing group of girls. We had a group chat where we talked daily and would often tweet Craig in hopes of being tweeted back. One of the girls in the group tweeted Craig asking if he wanted to join the group chat, by our surprise he said yes. He followed the girl who had tweeted him initially and was added where we all chatted for a little bit before he left. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and we were so excited to have been able to talk to someone we looked up to. A little later, he followed me and sent a DM to say he would not have been added to the group chat if it hadn’t been for me. I was confused as I had no part in him joining the group chat but was excited anyways. He told me if I ever needed anything I could reach out and then he began to discuss his recent breakup and how poorly it was affecting his mental health so I told him he could do the same. I was over the moon to feel so close to the person I was infatuated with. We were casually friendly for a while with many tweets back and forth and the occasional dm. He added me on snapchat where we chatted here and there, nothing super deep.

Things took a sharp turn when we were chatting on snapchat one day and the subject of virginity came up. He asked if I was a virgin and I said yes. He then asked if he could take my virginity and I told him yes. Things escalated from there and it’s hard to recall specifics from so long ago, especially from snapchat where chat history gets deleted. I remember my family had a trip planned to California to visit family for my birthday and he asked if i would be able to come over to his house to have sex. I told him it would probably be a long shot because I was still 17 and my parents probably wouldn't let me out alone. My step dad ended up having minor health complications that made us have to cancel our trip, a blessing in disguise. Although I never went to physically meet him, things continued to be sexual, we called a few times on discord and he asked me for nudes quite often. I initially told him I wasn’t comfortable sending things like that but I was afraid after a while he would lose interest, so i complied. I can't say exactly how many pictures/videos were exchanged but it was quite a few. He initiated nearly every conversation because I was too intimidated to message him first in fear of bothering him.

All of this went on for around 6 months when we started messaging less and less. My infatuation died and I was no longer looking through rose tinted glasses. I gained a lot of perspective and felt used. Someone I looked up to and admired took advantage of that to get what he wanted. I ended up telling my friends who had no idea any of this was going on. They were outraged and wanted me to come forward right away. The only reason I didn’t was to protect his girlfriend at the time. A few of his mods would do his dirty work for him and message me and my friends about wanting to come forward to keep us quiet. They defended him and would say he's changed and it’s not worth ruining his career.

I'm thankful for all the courageous women and men who have come forward and shared their stories, because of that I feel I have a comfortable place to share mine. I'm also incredibly thankful for my friends for helping me and supporting me through all this, it's been a long back and forth of should I or shouldn't I. I have since moved on in the past 4 years and no longer associate with Craig or any of the people that tried to silence us. I'm glad I can finally heal. :)

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