I'm sorry - Please read.

I spent a lot of time debating if I should write this - but some people have already made this their business and I want to make sure you hear it from me and not from an image-board like usual.

June (shoe0nhead) and I have ended our relationship. This was not an easy decision and it did not happen over-night. The border lock-down was not the reason, though I can't deny it played a part. We were together for 5 years and were long-distance the entire time. If you've ever seen our videos together, you would recognize that we are best friends and have amazing comic chemistry together. Our relationship was almost surreal, it was so perfect. We obviously had ups and downs, but things eventually got harder and we got really good at hiding the difficult side of things.

However, over time the distance between us started to become too much of a burden, I was always stressed about traveling, she was always stressed about not being able to make videos while she was in Canada. We both wanted so badly to keep the relationship going for so many reasons. Obviously it meant a lot to some of you, and we didn't like to disappoint - but the main reason was we were smart enough to recognize just how special our relationship was. Also I really fell in love with her family, and her mom became like a mom to me - I know it is as heart-breaking for them as it is for us. We were already in a bad state before the border closed - so we've both been just sitting in the pain for over 120 days... and it just became obvious that it was finally over.

I want to make it clear that neither of us did anything wrong, neither of us betrayed the other. We are not mad at each-other or feel any kind of negativity - we simply hit a point where we could not carry each-other anymore. We were both defeated. This is legitimately tragic because we know in a perfect world where there wasn't an invisible line between us, we could have made it work and it would have been something amazing. This is why it was so hard to agree to end it - it is such a fucking STUPID REASON to break up... but our batteries are both dead now and we can't recharge each-other anymore.

I know I don't have to say this because our fans/followers/subs are such amazing people, but please be respectful and show June lots of love and support - she is still the amazing person everyone loves and she needs you now more than ever.

I am so sorry June, I am so sorry everyone, I am so sorry family - we both tried our god-damned best to hold it together, I promise.

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