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22nd Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Regarding the Titan Crayon Joke

I hate this joke.

I hate that I made this joke, that its steeped itself into the community so deeply, and that it's constantly being perpetuated.

I hate that this joke has bothered so many people and that I'm the cause of such.

The joke was made a couple of times a little over a year ago, when the Bad Destiny Joke account had only 2000 followers or so, right before GuardianCon. It has since latched on and been circulating repeatedly.

The origin is from a comparison that I drew between Marines and Titans, seeing both as immovable mountains, able to take a punch, and eat anything. This image I had in my head was placed by my career Navy father and career Marine cousin, that Marines "eat crayons and fuck shit up". This was the reasoning I always gave when I was questioned why I made such a joke, that it was in jest about the tough "idgaf" and "going in head first" attitude I see Titans having.

This is not an excuse for my ignorance.

I was not aware at the time that crayon eating was also equated negatively to those with autism and mental challenges. I by no means find either acceptable to make jokes of, not to any degree. The more people told me this the more I felt like I was a hypocrite, trying to being a positive and accepting person but I had made this awful joke that is now everywhere.

I have tried to rewrite the narrative about Titans via Bad Destiny Joke over the past several months, I have ignored the @'s and DMs of people regurgitating the joke in other mediums, including emotes, videos, and merch. I'm sorry that the joke has become so popular that these things were made.

With it having been so rampant it has made it's way into the verbiage of names bigger than mine, and echoed within the walls of Bungie. While I'm glad they know of my content I despise the fact that this is the one piece that's been taken and repeated.

I'm sorry for making the joke.

I'm sorry for not saying something sooner.

I'm sorry for not upholding the standards I so adamantly grip to to ensure an inclusive and understanding community.

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