My experience with LovinDaTacos

Back during PAX West 2015, Tacos offered to help take me around to meet developers. I agreed and he had me as his plus 1 to everything. We went to a mixer where they had given us swag (tshirts) and I had no place to put mine, so he held onto it for me. I met a lot of people at this mixer and had a good time. When I had returned to my hotel room, I noticed that I had forgotten to get my shirt from Tacos. I also think I had his portable phone charger. I texted him and he said he was already at his hotel room and to meet him there to get the shirt and I could give him his charger back. My phone was close to dead, so I brought my charging cord and called an uber. The hotel was really quite a ways away from the convention and closer to the airport, so it was about a 20 minute uber ride.

When I got there, he invited me into the room. I walked in and he closed the door behind me and he locked it as I walked in. I handed him his charger and he got my shirt out and handed it to me. He asked to chat and so I said ok. I asked if I could plug in my phone since it was close to dying. He offered his fast charger. I plugged it in and sat down on one of the 2 double beds in the room.

He sat down on the bed across from me and we chatted for a bit. Then he moved to sit next to me. I got nervous and thanked him for giving me my shirt back, then I said I needed to request an uber. I tried to be cordial about it, and got up to get one. It was going to take a bit to get an uber, so I sat back down to wait for one. Next thing I know, Tacos says he won't let me leave the room until I kiss him. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. I wanted to wait outside for my uber since it was close. I told him I was worried that I would miss my uber ride. He said again he wouldn't let me go until we had kissed. So I gave him a fast smack on the lips. He said no not a kiss like that. I was starting to panic and I just wanted out of the room. I figured I would give him a real kiss once so I could get out of the room before it escalated. I had to kiss him several times before he unlatched the door and let me into the uber.

I was shaking the entire way back to the city. I was dropped off by my friends and there I broke down and told them what had happened. A large partnered streamer was there (I won't mention who it was). Victoryoftheppl was there. They saw how shaken up I was. That was when I realized I had grabbed Taco's fast charger and cord, but I didn't want to go back. At the time, Victoryoftheppl was in charge of Trendy Entertainment's Influencer team that Tacos and I were on. That week, Tacos, Vic, and I (Along with the rep from Trendy Ent ) talked over discord about what happened. Tacos had thought I wanted that kind of relationship. I did not. Tacos asked that I keep what happened quiet since he was worried about his streaming reputation. I have since tried to keep it somewhat quiet, but I don't think I can anymore. He asked for his fast charger plugin back but I had lost it so I mailed a new one to him. That was my first experience and it unfortunately was not my last. I haven't decided if I'll post my other experiences, but this was my first one and it scared me to death. I never ride uber's to people's hotels now. I never go alone to someone's room. All because I had wanted my tshirt back from a company mixer I had attended. I had trusted him to help me learn how to network at a major convention as a new content creator. Instead, this happened.

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