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16th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Athletico Esports

A lot of you have noticed a heavy lack of activity from Athletico and me recently. A lot has been due to some personal issues starting the end of last year, due to COVID they have extended and piled on dramatically. At the beginning of lockdown I had planned to close the doors of Ath until some normalcy was restored in my life. I decided that I'd like to keep my commitment to the PUBG team and continue to pay entries/cover games until they found a new home or wanted to part ways. Today the team parts with Athletico, I get to end on a high note watching them qualify to PCS: APAC

Naturally with that, it's also time to formally close the doors to Athletico for the foreseeable future.

I'm simultaneously extremely proud of what the team has achieved with the org over the years and disappointed with the heights I didn't manage to reach. I've seen a lot of great players from the beginning of their career, develop into some of the greats nationally and internationally. I've spoken to some of the most supportive families and been able to see the difference in attitude/encouragement towards esports careers over time that has come with that. I've also had some of the hardest working staff come through the doors to support and develop the direction of Athletico. I've traveled the world to watch teams smile and cry in both success and failure.

I'm a big fan of everyone who was part of the journey and helped shape Athletico. I'll continue to cheer on the careers of ex-staff and players alike.

Cheers @Neferhor1, @Hefffaaa, @LinksyPUBG for being the main reason I started the journey and @M_McClutch for being such a perfect personality to slot into the team. I genuinely consider you all good friends.

@undeadthegamer has been on from the get-go got a huge amount of love for the man. @itsangiebug @MagicbusYT @Redopz_ @ThatBellaKidd @TheOzzyTex all are parts of the content team we tried to create; a lot stemmed from being just fans of them all originally. The content team is something I always feel I never fleshed out enough/did enough for and something I regret not being able to grow more. I jump in and out of a lot of the streams and regularly support the youtube content because I think they are all hardworking, entertaining creators.

@thisisthestance started my love for FGC and @DefectiveDagger & @SockSSBM solidified it. Each FGC player that has come through Ath is a champion, thanks for letting me be part of the beginning of your great careers.

@Zoidm8 @XtremePUBG, @FluddPUBG, @luke12PUBG and @valkryiie were part of one of the greatest achievements in recent OCE esports history, it was the highest high for Athletico. I love watching PUBG, being able to experience that feeling in person is something I’ll never forget. You guys are all strange af, in fact the entire PUBG scene is cooked, but it made it all the better – don’t change.

Thanks to @kirstehehe @Xpl0sionsOCE @Miggie for keeping me sane in the late nights and being the driving force behind the company. Special thanks to @perznOCE who joined at potentially the worst possible time and still supported everything to the end.
Plenty more people to @ here and thank, but I had to condense the list down as best I could.

Pickup this PUBG they are gods and will prove it.



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